Female Orgasms Basic Facts

How to Have More Female Orgasms

Surprisingly not only men but also more than a few women don’t completely understand or appreciate what a female orgasm is. This circumstance should be of little surprise to anyone considering that there has been, and continues to be a good deal of disagreement even among “experts” on the subject of female orgasm.

After becoming sexually aroused, a woman’s heart beats faster while her breathing quickens. Often various muscles all over her body will tighten, breasts will enlarge somewhat, nipples tend to stand out while the areolas become noticeably enlarged, and some women even flush on their face and neck.

The visible portion of the clitoris begins to swell as secretions occur in the inside and at the opening of the vagina. Vaginal changes are mainly a result of a rush of blood to the pelvic area – called engorgement. This provides a generally pleasurable warmth in a female’s genital area.

As arousal increases do does engorgement. However, not all parts of the female genitals swell with the continued engorgement. The clitoris does not continue to swell, it starts to retract under the clitoral hood and decreases in length by about 50%. This is a sign that orgasm is imminent for most women as long as optimal stimulation continues.

The female orgasms themselves begin with strong muscle contractions. These contractions can be finished within four seconds or last up to about 15 seconds. They tend to occur at intervals of 0.8 seconds. During orgasm, skin flushing generally reaches its maximum. Muscles may keep contracting, while blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate continue to rise.

As the clitoris is the main driver for stimulation and ultimately orgasm; it is this retraction of the clitoris that can cause so many women to come close to orgasm, but never truly experience it. One solution is to increase the sensitivity of the clitoris, thus increasing the effect of stimulation; ultimately having more female orgasms. One tested and proven way to increase the sensitivity of the clitoris is with Alura Lux.

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Tips to Have More Orgasms

Unfortunately, there is no hard-fast rule for what it takes to have more female orgasms. For women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, there are ways of becoming more aware of their bodies and what feels good to be successful in have an orgasm with their partner.

Many specialists recommend for a woman to experiment with masturbation, noting what feels good and trying to become more aware of her own body. This can result in the woman being more comfortable with sexual stimulation, and also being able to achieve an orgasm with a partner.

Increased stimulation, increased lubrication and an increase in clitoral sensitivity can increase a woman’s chances of reaching an orgasm. clinical studies, as well as many testimonies, have shown the benefits of using Alura Lux to accomplish all of the above. Increased lubrication. Higher sensitivity and an increase in the number of orgasms.

Seeking therapy is another option, especially when the woman has issues with her attitude towards sex. Talking openly about past experiences and overcoming fears can be instrumental in improving her sex life.

Finally, if the pain is present during sexual intercourse, or a woman feels her problem stems from a physical abnormality, it is best to seek the advice of a physician.

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