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It is up to you to grab hold of opportunities which can benefit your life. This is one of those such opportunities. Started from a simple yet powerful focus, this business grown on a global scale. Understand how you can utilize this business and it's potential for your benefit starting now.

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In which of the 40+ markets will you build? Start locally and grow into a successful global entrepreneur.


Toronto Business Opportunity | Billion Dollar Company

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Facts about this Growing Toronto Opportunity

Are you living in Toronto and looking for a business you can build from home? Looking for a Toronto opportunity that will allow you personal, one-on-one support in the GTA?

Don’t be fooled by the pretenders! Joe Garcia and Dan Catto have an unprecedented background of global success. They have perfected a system they created from scratch and have grown into a global e-commerce opportunity. Get more information from leaders in the field, including Joe and Dan to explain just what this business opportunity can do for you and your personal freedoms.

What’s the Deal?

With more than 19 years experience and triple digit growth rates, this is much more than a start-up. This Toronto opportunity is generating opportunity for entrepreneurs on every continent with little or no experience, utilizing a proven, seamless business model in a trillion dollar industry. Through mentoring and complete training systems, the opportunity exists for you to grab hold of with the rapid expansion in Tornto, through Canada and around the world.

How Can This Benefit You?

This opportunity can be started on a part-time basis. Depending on your goals, your commitment level and the effort you put forth, you have the ability to decide how you would like to grow with this opportunity. This doesn’t have to be a 40 year plan. The actions you take today can alter the direction of your life.

A successful and proven compensation system provides the potential for being rewarded by not just your efforts and work, but from the thousands of potential individuals working to benefit you. Global integration of teamwork with the potential to reward you on a weekly basis.

Your experience is not an issue with global offline and online training. Customized for learning at your own pace, develop the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur. If you have the desire, we have the way.

Our Philosophy

Simple, powerful and global. It is this philosophy that continues to set us apart. Allowing individuals with a desire for change to build and live their dream lifestyle. Our vision and longevity is a testament to the simplicity and power of this opportunity. With successful entrepreneurs created on every continent, it is proof of the global reach of this opportunity.

What they Say About Us

“I knew with all my heart, this industry and business model was going to be the vehicle of my dreams. I was so right. This business model is changing the lives of people globally…dreams do come true!”

Toronto Business Opportunity | Billion Dollar CompanyJoe Garcia, Oakville, Ontario

“This opportunity has continued to support my plan for my lifestyle which I have set out to create. Since 2006 my dedication to this opportunity has paid off in so many fulfilling ways. My personal growth alone is priceless and I continue to work on my personal goals daily!”

Jamie Messina | Founder of Engineered LifestylesJamie Messina, Oakville, Ontario

“After running a successful traditional business for 23 years, I often questioned my desire to remain in the industry that I was involved with. Today because of this business I never have to concern myself with legal issues, overhead or staffing and am now able to work from the comfort of my home and continue to build my dreams and goals.”

Toronto Business Opportunity | Billion Dollar CompanyPatrick Tulloch, Barrie, Ontario

“Joined this opportunity in 2002 and have learn so many valuable lessons on planning for not only my retirement but how to live my life. My personal freedoms have never been greater and continue to improve each and every day. I now have the freedom to travel the world never having to worry about vacation time and how to spend it with my family!”

Toronto Business Opportunity | Billion Dollar CompanyGarth Wright, Prague, Czech Republic

“My personal economics continue to improve and I love it. From business lessons to the circle of entrepreneurs I have surrounded myself with, there isn’t a limit to the growth I am seeing personally and professionally. Since I opened my eyes to so many opportunities, I have not stopped seeing the potential which exists around each and everyone of us.”

Toronto Business Opportunity | Billion Dollar CompanyDan Catto, Toronto, Ontario