What is an Entrepreneur?

How Do You Define What is an Entrepreneur?

Definition of an Entrepreneur

What is an Entrepreneur? How to be Successful

One of the questions that are asked many times each day is “What is an Entrepreneur?

As defined in a dictionary an entrepreneur is an individual who organizes and manages any enterprise. The Global Entrepreneurship defined it as “any attempt at a new business or new venture creation, such as self-employment, a new business organization, or the expansion of an existing business, by an individual, a team or individuals, or an established business.”

There is one thing that is left out of those definitions though. As the entrepreneur is in possession of this business it will come with inherent risks. The entrepreneur is accountable for all these risks and it is these risks that can in some cases scare people away from taking their foray into entrepreneurship.

Who Can be an Entrepreneur?

Anyone! That is what makes it so empowering! Anyone can become one. All you need is a great idea and a way to promote it. There are many success stories of entrepreneurs that have risen against all odds and created amazing business and wealth for themselves! Through their desire and vision, they took their great idea and developed it into a viable and lucrative business.

So what happens if you have the desire to become an entrepreneur, you have the entrepreneurial skills to work your own business, but don’t have a great idea? What if there was a way that you could become an entrepreneur and do it in a way that minimized some of the risks?

Engineered Lifestyles would like to you help you. Contact us directly to let us know what you are looking for and we will use our years of experience to work with you to develop a solution.



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What Do You Need?

Most new business ideas or inventions that are built into businesses are solutions to problems that many people have. Think of the many things in your house or place of work that you use on a daily basis. All of those items were at one time someone’s vision who then turned it into a product, marketed it, then sold them.

Two other things that you will most definitely need is financial and emotional support as you start your business. The financial aspect can be scary, but often overlooked is the emotional support that is required to become an entrepreneur.

Anytime that you go into business for yourself, especially if you are coming out of an employee position where you worked for a paycheck, the change in your responsibilities as well as the change in how you get paid can lead to stress and anxiety. This is where your emotional support becomes paramount.

Emotional support from family is obvious. They will have to accept that you will at times be working longer hours than you previously worked in an effort to get your business established. They will be understanding of you as they will be able to see the passion that you have your business.

The understanding will only go so far though. Your family may not be able to help support you through the growing pains owning your own business. That is where you need to assemble a team of individuals who have been there before and can coach and mentor you.

Having a group of like-minded individuals that you can use as a resource is essential in business. Your success can be achieved much quicker by learning from others that have already experienced what you are going through.

Learning from their experiences and mistakes means that you do not have to make the same mistakes to learn the lessons that they learned. Engineered Lifestyles can help you to establish that success team quickly.

Again if you are in a position that you want to become an entrepreneur, but need a business opportunity and support to launch it, Engineered Lifestyles can help you. Maybe you just need the support to work the current business you have. We can help you with that too. Contact us and let us know what it is that you are looking for.