5 Kissing Secrets for Exceptional Intimacy and Sex

We all have our secrets, but not there are some we can share. Here are some kissing secrets that we are more than happy to share to help everyone improve not only their relationship but their sex life too. When you have a romantic interest in another person, one of the very first steps

6 Ways Laughter Improves Your Sex Life

[adinserter block="10"]We have all heard about people faking their orgasms during sex. But have you ever heard of people faking laughter for better sex? Is it possible laughter improves your sex life? Since 1995 Dr. Madan Kataria, a Physician from Mumbai, India has been using laughter to help people not only improve their physical

Is Kinky Sex Better Sex?

Do you need to have kinky sex to keep your sex life fresh? Has your sex life become stale? Answering yes does not mean that you love your partner any less. Actually, it is very common. There are actually 5 stages a long-term relationship will go through, with the very first stage being the

Kissing Tips for Better Sex

Hint: Before sex is kissing. Use these kissing tips to have better sex. We all know there is no playbook for what a couple needs to follow for great sex. While books and magazines may say there are ‘rules’ to follow, what they refer to as ‘rules’ are simply what turns you and your

Two Biggest Barriers to Satisfying Sex

With all the existing stereotypes and perceived pressures as to what makes a good lover and what we are expected to do in the bedroom, is it any wonder more women are having trouble with sex? It’s not that we don’t know what we need to do, or more importantly, what we want to

7 Interesting Facts about Your Clitoris

Intimacy in a relationship is a combination of many factors both emotionally and physically. On the physical side of the relationship sexual satisfaction usually ranks on the list of must-haves. For us ladies, there is one “go too” spot created just for this, and that of course is our clitoris. The only body part

Stopped Having Sex in Your Relationship

In most relationships, there is a difference of opinions as to the frequency of having sex. For couples that do not openly express their thoughts and feelings, this can lead to many issues within the relationship. Loneliness, feeling unappreciated or the worst of all infidelity. Products such as Alura Lux have been created to


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