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How Much Do You Know About Orgasms?

For the amount of time most people think about this topic, you would think the knowledge they have would be extensive. However, when it comes to sex, most people’s information is flawed. Whether through how they were raised to think about sex or through the information they have seen through their lives, their beliefs and the truth do not

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How Kinky is Your Sex Life?

How kinky is your sex life? Or do you have run-of-the-mill sex that is more predictable? For couples who want to keep passion in their relationship, this should be something you question on a frequent basis. As we wind down our work week and look forward to the weekend ahead it’s time we get to know ourselves and our

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How Good are You in Bed?

It’s a question we all want to know, but are afraid to ask, how good are you in bed? It’s a very forward question and one that can be flipped back on us. Let’s face it, how good you or your partner is in bed is a personal preference. Having self-awareness is great to have and one your partner

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