Why Tuesday Sex Is Better Than Makeup Sex?

Disagreements are a part of life and definitely a part of loving relationships. Is this why makeup sex always feels so great though? Or is there something better? Do you feel sexually connected to your partner? If you answered no don’t feel there is a problem with your relationship. The fact of the matter

Crazy Sexual Facts You Didn’t Know

One of the most commonly discussed topic is sex and we have 15 crazy sexual facts we bet you haven't heard of before. Hands down it’s a topic we are curious about as pre-teens, then as mature and have our first sexual experiences, our minds and bodies are opened up to what sex is

Sex Secrets Everyone Should Know

The intimacy you share with your partner is much deeper than just physical. Research shows happy couples are those who continually work on their relationship on all levels; emotionally and physically and share all their sex secrets with each other. To think there is no work involved in a satisfying relationship would be a

Three Simple Ways to Become a Better Kisser

Being a better kisser means different things to women and men, did you know that? For women, it can be a deal-breaker. For men it’s can be nerve-racking. Yet when done right it’s body tingling amazing. The power of a kiss can leave an impression that lasts a lifetime, and there is research to

The Art of the Erotic Massage

The sensation of touch can be one of the most erotic sensations we have. All too often the sensations we feel are taken for granted. When it comes to your relationship with your significant other, the sensation of touch can lead to unbelievable, intimate and intense sex through an erotic massage. The

8 Relationship Tricks Happy Couples Use

We know every relationship is dynamic. Let’s face it, you have two unique individuals attracted to each other in a committed relationship, they are bound to have their differences. While their relationship can be a loving and happy one, there will be times when they don’t see eye to eye. Couples which stand the

8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Sex

It is no secret having a healthy sex life is beneficial to you and your partner. Your relationship from an emotional and physical standpoint is alive and healthy, you feel better and you find yourself getting through your day with extra ease. How many people have actually taken the time to stop and ask

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