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Quit Having Sex in Your Relationship

Have you quit having sex in your relationship? You aren’t alone. Read on to see that you aren’t the only ones to quit having sex and it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your relationship either. Who Quit Having Sex in Their Relationship? In a lot of relationships, there is a disagreement regarding the regularity of having

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10 Things Never to Do During Sex

Whether we like to admit it or not, we have all had our share of blunders in the bedroom. If as you are reading this you are shaking your head, you are lying to yourself. Regardless, we are all human and we will make mistakes, or at the very least say things in the heat of passion we wish

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Making Your Close Relationship Closer

[adinserter block="10"] Where do we get our ideals for what a close, loving, long-term relationship is? Is from television? From the home environment that we grew up in? What is right and what works? These questions coupled with failed relationships can have devastating effects on our confidence and what we believe to be the ideal relationship. In addition to this

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