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What is a Facelift?

One of the most common questions asked regarding anti-aging and skincare is: What is a facelift? What is a Facelift? A facelift (technically known as a rhytidectomy) can improve the visible signs of aging of the face. Most people looking for a facelift have wrinkles and sagging skin on their face and neck. It is important to understand facelifts

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Top 3 Best Non-Surgical Facelift Procedures Explained

Very simply put, non-surgical facelift procedures are those performed which require no surgery. Usually, these types of facelift procedures are associated with far less financial expense and risk than the surgical types of facelifts. In addition to not requiring major surgery or lengthy recovery times, in some cases, these facelift procedures can be performed in the comfort of your

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Skindulgence Customer Reactions to Firming System

The way in which we shop for products has changed and when shopping for any skincare you want to know what previous customers have experienced. For this reason, we have collected some of these Skindulgence customers' reactions and experiences in using this amazing product. However, shopping on the internet has raised awareness in investigating what is real and what

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Do Non-Surgical Facelifts Actually Work?

We all know that everything with time changes. The seasons change, fashion trends come and go, technology changes and so do our bodies. With time our bodies change because of our age, our lifestyle and even our surroundings. While most change is good, there are at times changes that we would like to reverse and none more obvious than

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5 Interesting Facelift Facts

You want to look younger but you need to get all the facelift facts you can before making a decision. The time has come and you have admitted to yourself that you are no longer going to age without a fight. You take care of your body, you eat well and you feel mentally and physically younger than your

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