The Mindset of Sharing in Network Marketing

Employing a mindset of sharing is one of the most powerful phenomena we see in network marketing right now. The impact of sharing, versus just selling or marketing is massive in the growth of any business. Sharing has been a part of the network marketing profession since inception and remains so today. Simply look at any social media site

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5 Key Factors to an Entrepreneurial Mindset

The global economy has opened the door to countless opportunities for individuals of all ages. For many people, they are choosing to step into the world of entrepreneurship and become an entrepreneur. Do they have the proper entrepreneurial mindset for this change in their life? Whether the change was a voluntary choice or they were forced to due to

Employee Versus Entrepreneur Mindset

Do You Have an Employee or Entrepreneur Mindset Understanding the Employee Versus Entrepreneur Mindset So, what are the primary differences between the employee and the entrepreneur mindset? Primarily, it revolves around perspective, risk-taking, and goal orientation. The typical employee mindset focuses on job stability, regular paychecks, and climbing the corporate ladder. They prefer a structured environment with

The Art of Overcoming Adversity

[adinserter block="12"]Life can at times get in the way. This is to say life is full of adversity and we need ways of overcoming adversity on a regular basis. We are not being negative or pessimistic in that statement we are just being realistic and truthful. If anyone tells you it is possible to think yourself into a position

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