10 Surprising Health Benefits of Love

For anyone who has been in love you understand the roller coaster your feelings can be on. The euphoric feeling of falling in love, to the emotional torture of dealing with a break-up. There is no question love can be bittersweet. With the ways our emotions are played with and ultimately our wellbeing we

Kissing Your Way to a Stronger Relationship

Kissing and its importance in a relationship is not something everyone understands. While each of us is unique and we all bring our own flair and personality to our relationships, in every relationship, there are some basic elements to being happy with our relationship. Trust, intimacy and feeling loved all have to be present

How Intimate is Your Relationship?

We hear the term intimacy used in many contexts regarding relationships and depending on the individual, it can have a drastically different meaning. It’s through these differences in meaning and expectation a relationship can face problems. How intimate is your relationship? In the broadest of terms, intimacy is about being emotionally connected with your

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