Better Sex Simply Through Kissing

Talking about sex and how to have better sex is a major topic around here. Alura Lux was designed specifically for improving all aspects of a woman’s experience, but as we know there is more to sex than just one item. If you ask couples what influences their sexual satisfaction the most, you will

8 Types of Kisses Everyone Should Have This Holiday

[adinserter block="10"]Kisses are a great gift, and just like gifts, there are many types of kisses that you can give your special person. The holidays are upon us and for many people, whether they’re a hopeless romantic or a skeptic, feelings from the heart seem are more prevalent and have a greater effect on us.

Why We Kiss at Midnight on New Year’s Eve

[adinserter block="10"]It can be hard to believe that the end of another year is upon us and a new one starts with the person we kiss at midnight. New Year’s Eve is the last hurrah of the holidays and a way to send the old year out with a bang, and welcome in a new.

Kissing Tips for Better Sex

Hint: Before sex is kissing. Use these kissing tips to have better sex. We all know there is no playbook for what a couple needs to follow for great sex. While books and magazines may say there are ‘rules’ to follow, what they refer to as ‘rules’ are simply what turns you and your


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