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Secrets of a Passionate Kiss

Simple, passionate, memorable, and erotic. All words can be used to describe a kiss. Recognized around the world as a symbol of love, a kiss can mean many things, especially when it’s a passionate kiss between two lovers. Studies abound, and researchers to this day continue delving into the meaning of a passionate kiss. There is no disputing the

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Erotic Kissing Tips for Better Sex

How would you like some erotic kissing tips? We know all kissing is not erotic, but when it comes to you and your significant other, shouldn’t every kiss have some element of erotic in it? Read on to find out more. We love helping couples become more connected, more passionate, and more intimate with each other. We understand there

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How to Be a Better Kisser and Lover

Being a better kisser no question adds to the passion and lust of every relationship evolves. When couples first fall in love and become physical, the excitement of exploring each other’s bodies keeps the sex fresh. As the intimacy builds and the relationship settles in, things become more familiar, the excitement dwindles and patterns are formed. One of the

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5 Kissing Secrets for Exceptional Intimacy and Sex

We all have our secrets, but not there are some we can share. Here are some kissing secrets that we are more than happy to share to help everyone improve not only their relationship but their sex life too. When you have a romantic interest in another person, one of the very first steps your relationship will pass through

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Kissing Your Way to a Stronger Relationship

Photo Credit: Online for Love Kissing and its importance in a relationship is not something everyone understands. While each of us is unique and we all bring our own flair and personality to our relationships, in every relationship, there are some basic elements to being happy with our relationship. Trust, intimacy and feeling loved all have to be

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Three Simple Ways to Become a Better Kisser

Being a better kisser means different things to women and men, did you know that? For women, it can be a deal-breaker. For men it’s can be nerve-racking. Yet when done right it’s body tingling amazing. The power of a kiss can leave an impression that lasts a lifetime, and there is research to prove it. From all the

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