Foreplay Guide: 10 Tips for Super Hot Foreplay

Why would any couple need a foreplay guide? We as humans are creatures of habit. When formed properly, habits allow us to complete tasks with relative ease, yielding the results we want. In some cases our habits take us down a path we are familiar with, yet we don’t get the desired results. For

5 Proven Ways to Intensify Your Intimacy

Intimacy can be cruel. How can something provide us such a euphoric feeling then devastation? To feel a complete connection to someone then in what seems like a heartbeat a feeling of being alone and hurt? Yet when we look at what this is, it’s all the same thing; our relationships. As we go

Better Sex Simply Through Kissing

Talking about sex and how to have better sex is a major topic around here. Alura Lux was designed specifically for improving all aspects of a woman’s experience, but as we know there is more to sex than just one item. If you ask couples what influences their sexual satisfaction the most, you will

How Important is Foreplay for Sex?

How important is foreplay to a great sex life? Busy life? Only have time for “quickies” with your significant other? We understand as all our lives are busy, but we also know that while there is a benefit to having those quick intimate moments, there is also a need for more. Any committed romantic

5 Secrets to Increasing Sexual Compatibility

If the number of books and magazines is any indication, our desire for great sex and loving relationships is extremely important to us. As it should be because our relationships are a major part of our lives. Everything that we do is a product of a relationship in some way. While not every relationship

Most Embarrassing Sex Questions Answered

As with most things in life, there are beliefs about how things should be. For instance the path our lives should take as we grow up; go to school, get married have kids, etc. Included in all of these different beliefs we have, is our belief about what sex should be. There are of

How a Woman’s Low Libido Affects Their Relationship

Has your sex life become more of a memory than reality? Has your busy scheduled with your career and the kids come between you and your husband? You are not alone if you answered yes and even though we tell ourselves that we want to have sex when the opportunity does present itself, we

How to Be Better in Bed | 1 Simple Way for Hotter Sex

The question that everyone wants to answer to but will not openly ask the question. "How do I get better in bed?" Girl or guy, straight or gay, regardless of social status, those of us who care about our sexual performance want to know ways that we can get better. Yes, there are some


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