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Increasing the Sexual Tension for Hotter Romance

To say relationships are dynamic is an understatement as the number of factors making the relationship work is almost too many to list. However, getting to the relationship stage takes on its own set of factors and sexual tension can be both a good and bad factor in the relationship. In many cases, the raw physical attraction between two

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10 Secret Turn-ons for Women

Turn-ons for women are drastically different than they are for men. There is no disputing men and women think about sex in different ways. From the frequency of sexual thoughts to what turns them on, the differences can be vast. Alura Lux was developed to help both men and women get in the mood, but we also know there

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Top 8 Sensual Turn-ons for Women

The mystery of what turns a woman on has stumped and confused many men over the years. After all, women, unlike men, usually need more than the suggestion of sex to be turned on. A woman’s arousal is much more than physical and requires subtleties some men just don’t understand. Today we are going to share with you the

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Why Foreplay is Vital for Better Sex & Intimacy

When the discussion of foreplay comes up it is commonly recognized how important foreplay is for a woman. This is with good reason as the rate at which a woman becomes aroused is slower than men and it is required for enjoyable and satisfying sex. Foreplay is also important for men and their sex lives. Why Foreplay is

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5 Kissing Secrets for Exceptional Intimacy and Sex

We all have our secrets, but not there are some we can share. Here are some kissing secrets that we are more than happy to share to help everyone improve not only their relationship but their sex life too. When you have a romantic interest in another person, one of the very first steps your relationship will pass through

5 Kissing Secrets for Exceptional Intimacy and Sex2023-03-26T08:13:45-04:00

Orgasmic Foreplay Tips You Can Use Tonight

Who do you feel needs foreplay tips the most? For couples in a committed relationship, routine always has crept into our actions. Take for instance the time alone you spend with your partner. If you have been together for a while, chances are when you have sex you have a set pattern of actions. The sequence may start off

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9 Tips for Improving Happiness in Any Relationship

Improving happiness in a struggling relationship can not only be difficult, but it can also be upsetting because of what it may mean about you and the other person in the relationship. Whether starting a new year and looking for improvements or a new relationship, many people will ask “what are the keys to having a happy and healthy

9 Tips for Improving Happiness in Any Relationship2020-11-01T10:24:53-05:00
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