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How to Be a Better Kisser and Lover

Being a better kisser no question adds to the passion and lust of every relationship evolves. When couples first fall in love and become physical, the excitement of exploring each other’s bodies keeps the sex fresh. As the intimacy builds and the relationship settles in, things become more familiar, the excitement dwindles and patterns are formed. One of the

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5 Proven Ways to Intensify Your Intimacy

Intimacy can be cruel. How can something provide us such a euphoric feeling then devastation? To feel a complete connection to someone then in what seems like a heartbeat a feeling of being alone and hurt? Yet when we look at what this is, it’s all the same thing; our relationships. As we go through our lives there is

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5 Discussions Every Intimate Couple Must Have

[adinserter block="10"]Are you half of an intimate couple and is your relationship heading to the next level? Or, maybe things have just been a bit underwhelming between the sheets? When you and your partner become intimate, ultimately great sex is the goal -- we get that. But before you hit the lights there are a few topics the two of

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5 Steps to Better Intimacy in Your Relationship

As we are all well aware, every relationship goes through phases as it matures. For some couples, while they still do love each other they somehow find their relationship in an undesirable place. Their relationship lacks intimacy and any physical connection. Their sex life has completely dried up. Many reasons can cause this lack of intimacy to occur and

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Stopped Having Sex in Your Relationship

In most relationships, there is a difference of opinions as to the frequency of having sex. For couples that do not openly express their thoughts and feelings, this can lead to many issues within the relationship. Loneliness, feeling unappreciated or the worst of all infidelity. Products such as Alura Lux have been created to help couples rekindle and foster

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