Intimacy Tips

Intimacy tips for building stronger, more loving relationships. Intimacy is a major part of all successful relationships. Learn how you can benefit in yours.

Rekindle the Romance, Spice Up Your Sex Life

Hectic schedules, stressful lives and the routine of getting through your day can lead to life seeming robotic and mundane, let alone have an active sex life. All too often these feelings transfer in our relationships. For those in long term relationships, these day-to-day routines make the lustful days of when you first fell

10 Shocking Facts About Kissing

Knowing these kissing facts can benefit you and your partner in any romantic relationship. In a romantic relationship when people mention being intimate with each other, the first thing which comes to mind is sex. Kissing however can be one of the most intimate, sensual and just plain fun things you can do with

Secrets of a Passionate Kiss

Simple, passionate, memorable and erotic. All words that can be used to describe a kiss. Recognized around the world as a symbol of love, a kiss can mean many things, especially when it’s a passionate kiss between two lovers. Studies abound, researchers to this day continue delving into the meaning of a passionate kiss.

9 Myths Causing Harm to Your Relationship

No one likes to be wrong let along being told we are doing something wrong, especially when it comes to our relationships. This can have a huge impact on our ego and nowhere more damaging when it comes to sex. Being told you were mediocre in bed or don’t know what you were doing

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Love

For anyone who has been in love you understand the roller coaster your feelings can be on. The euphoric feeling of falling in love, to the emotional torture of dealing with a break-up. There is no question love can be bittersweet. With the ways our emotions are played with and ultimately our wellbeing we

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