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7 Foreplay Games All Couples Should Try

Who likes games? How about games that involve you and your significant other alone and getting naked? That's exactly what these foreplay games are all about. Our habits run our lives and that really is a good thing. Our habits allow us to accomplish tasks on a regular basis without having to expend too much energy which is great

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7 Proven Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Our sex life as anything else in our lives changes and goes through many phases. We have the raging hormones of our teens and early 20’s, progressing into our more sophisticated 30’s and 40’s into . . . well . . . into where? For many people, as we leave our 30’s, we are well on our way to

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Making Your Close Relationship Closer

[adinserter block="10"] Where do we get our ideals for what a close, loving, long-term relationship is? Is from television? From the home environment that we grew up in? What is right and what works? These questions coupled with failed relationships can have devastating effects on our confidence and what we believe to be the ideal relationship. In addition to this

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