Hydration Tips and Health Benefits

Hydration tips, health benefits and the importance of properly hydrating your body. Learn how to use clustered water (hexagonal water) to satisfy your hydration needs safely and effectively.

Hydration Mastery: Proper Hydration to a Healthier Life

How important is proper hydration to our health? Your hydration level could actually become a matter of life and death. Water is essential to the health of your heart. Water is essential for your heart's function, which is to pump blood. Your heart will be able to pump blood more efficiently if you keep it properly hydrated. It is

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Importance of Proper Hydration to Your Health

How important is proper hydration to our health? Your hydration level could actually become a matter of life and death. As an example, water is vital to your heart’s health. Water helps your heart to perform it function; pump blood. Keeping your heart properly hydrated allows your heart to more easily pump blood through your blood vessels and into

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What is Clustered Water?

Clustered water is vital to everyone’s health. A significant portion of our bodies is made from water, not just ordinary water. NHT Global’s Cluster X2 has been created to benefit the body with increased and more efficient cell hydration. It is now adequate, independent research on the bioactivity of clustered water (water clusters) and how the cells are better

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Proper Hydration Water Health Benefits

Proper diet and exercise still require proper hydration. So why is it that every time you walk into your local health food or grocery store there is more confusion about what we should drink to provide our bodies with proper hydration? Through the sea of options, we now have available to us, we can at times forget what is

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Importance of Proper Skincare

All too often supermodels are only looked upon for the clothes they are wearing or the people they are dating. What gets lost in all the glamour, all the lights and all the tabloids is the beautiful skin that they must have to be a supermodel. For most people having skin that has complexion issues or the occasional breakout,

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