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10 Orgasm Myths and Helpful Facts for Better, Intense Sex

As time has progressed we as a society learn more about our bodies, our health and what makes up feeling great. When it comes to things making us feel great there is no more powerful event than experiencing an orgasm, and with it is there are have been many orgasm myths created. With our growing knowledge of sex and

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Combining Vaginal and Clitoral Orgasms for Amazing Sex

With so much attention put on how to experience an orgasm, it is no wonder why some women never actually get the pleasure of experiencing one as they put too much pressure on themselves. Furthermore, there is confusion about what type of orgasm is better, a vaginal or clitoral orgasm. Our thought is why choose? Have both at the

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What are the Different Types of Orgasms?

For some this happens regularly, for others, it has become somewhat elusive. Be it routine, knowledge or simply personal preference how and when a woman experiences an orgasm is as unique as she is. If we all have the same anatomy, why do some women experience many more orgasms than others, and are there different types? While the debate

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8 Orgasm Secrets You Want to Know

If asked what screams satisfaction during sex, most people will answer “orgasms.” While it is true both men and women do not have to experience orgasms to be sexually satisfied, finding new ways to experience orgasms is still well worth it. Alura Lux was developed specifically to increase a woman’s ability to reach and experience orgasms more frequently and

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Are You Having Trouble Reaching Orgasm?

Are you having problems ‘coming’? This question is usually not one asked of men as most men can climax without much difficulty. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about women. Nearly 1 in 3 women report that they do not always have an orgasm when they have sex. For many women, it leaves them wondering why? There is a

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Is this Stopping You from Having an Orgasm?

How many times have you had sex in the past few months that you have not had an orgasm? Judging by the fact you are reading this article it may be happening more frequently than you’d like. In fact, 1 in 3 women fails to have an orgasm when they have sex. There are many factors that play into

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