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Natural Sex Booster That Revs Up Your Libido

Having a low libido is not something you have to accept and finding a natural sex booster is at the top of many couple’s lists. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 43% of women and 31% of men suffer from sexual dysfunction. This dysfunction is broadly defined as the inability to enjoy sex. For women, this

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Clitoral Stimulation Tips for Her Sexual Pleasure

Before understanding clitoral stimulation, you must understand anatomy. Understanding a woman’s anatomy and desires are vital in satisfying her emotionally and sexually. While most men understand foreplay is required to properly arouse a woman, they fall short in their technique. All too often men will start with simple foreplay then go direct for a woman’s clitoris to get her

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10 Secret Turn-ons for Women

Turn-ons for women are drastically different than they are for men. There is no disputing men and women think about sex in different ways. From the frequency of sexual thoughts to what turns them on, the differences can be vast. Alura Lux was developed to help both men and women get in the mood, but we also know there

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Viagra for a Woman’s Brain

With another weekend behind us and the long work week ahead, the simple thought of this can leave many people feeling less than sexy. There is no question the daily requirements of life have negative effects on anyone’s libido, especially women. This leaves many women searching for viagra for a woman. There is a stereotype that men think and

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Can I Ever Enjoy Sex Again?

The topic of how to enjoy sex again is one that while taboo for some is on the minds of many. The frequency and way in which people think and talk about sex will depend on their experience. Sex should be an empowering and pleasurable experience, unfortunately for many women, this is not the case. There is a large

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6 Foods to Peak Your Sexual Arousal

[adinserter block="10"]Want to peak your sexual arousal before dinner? How about a really romantic dinner? Sure, candles and soft music are nice, but what you and your man nosh on could truly take things to another level. The following healthy foods may actually affect hormone levels, brain chemistry, and energy, heightening arousal and sex drive. While there aren't double-blind studies

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5 Myths about Female Desire

Female desire is not at the top of men's need-to-know list, but it should be. Ladies we all know men think about sex much more than we do. They are the ones who always looking, always talking, always bringing any topic we try to discuss with them back to sex. What if that’s not 100% true? What if we

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