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How to Build Intimacy in Your Relationship

If we were to ask you “What does intimacy mean to you?” how would you respond? We think that depending on your sex, it would most likely determine your answer. The follow-up question is then, "How do you build intimacy?" At our most primal level, we all have a craving to be with someone and be truly known by

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Emotional Intimacy Leads to Better Sex

We as individuals are all unique. Our beliefs, fears, likes, dislikes, all shape who we are. When we are in a relationship with another person the uniqueness of the couple is what makes the relationship. So then why is it for every relationship that is different because of the people involved, there are still similarities across all relationships? The

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5 Steps to Better Intimacy in Your Relationship

As we are all well aware, every relationship goes through phases as it matures. For some couples, while they still do love each other they somehow find their relationship in an undesirable place. Their relationship lacks intimacy and any physical connection. Their sex life has completely dried up. Many reasons can cause this lack of intimacy to occur and

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Are You Having Trouble Reaching Orgasm?

Are you having problems ‘coming’? This question is usually not one asked of men as most men can climax without much difficulty. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about women. Nearly 1 in 3 women report that they do not always have an orgasm when they have sex. For many women, it leaves them wondering why? There is a

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5 Mistakes Women Make During Sex

In everything that we do in life, we must be aware we are always learning. Whether it’s our parenting skills, our professional skills or even our sex skills. We have all heard the expression it takes two to tango, but what happens when one of the partners in this between-the-sheets dance is making mistakes? How does it affect not

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How a Woman’s Low Libido Affects Their Relationship

Has your sex life become more of a memory than reality? Has your busy scheduled with your career and the kids come between you and your husband? You are not alone if you answered yes and even though we tell ourselves that we want to have sex when the opportunity does present itself, we are saying no more than

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How to Be Better in Bed | 1 Simple Way for Hotter Sex

The question that everyone wants to answer to but will not openly ask the question. "How do I get better in bed?" Girl or guy, straight or gay, regardless of social status, those of us who care about our sexual performance want to know ways that we can get better. Yes, there are some guys and girls who really

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Making Your Close Relationship Closer

[adinserter block="10"] Where do we get our ideals for what a close, loving, long-term relationship is? Is from television? From the home environment that we grew up in? What is right and what works? These questions coupled with failed relationships can have devastating effects on our confidence and what we believe to be the ideal relationship. In addition to this

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