Stopped Having Sex in Your Relationship

Quit Having Sex in Your Relationship. Alura Lux Helps

In most relationships, there is a difference of opinions as to the frequency of having sex. For couples that do not openly express their thoughts and feelings, this can lead to many issues within the relationship. Loneliness, feeling unappreciated or the worst of all infidelity.

Products such as Alura Lux have been created to help couples rekindle and foster the feelings that brought them together. A relationship is much more than sex, but it is a major part. Intimacy with your partner strengthens a relationship on many levels. Many times intimacy suffers once a couple has stopped having sex.

Here is a great story from To Love Honor and Vacuum by Sheila Wray Gregoire that has a couple’s account of what sex, or lack there-of, and what it did for their marriage. While every couple and relationship is different, understanding what others feel and are experiencing can help understand that you are not alone.

Build a stronger relationship today and enjoy every minute. Read the full article here.



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