The 10 Biggest Sexual Turn-ons for Women

10 Biggest Sexual Turn-ons for Women

Sexual turn-ons for women vary from women to women and men are continually searching for what “works” best in turning a woman on. Sorry to say guys there is no playbook you can follow, but there are some very basic things you need to understand which will help you in your quest to turn us on.

The first item to understand is for a woman to be sexually attracted to you she has to intuitively feel that her sexual needs will be met. There are many clues she may pick up on, starting from the first time you meet. Truth is from the moment you do meet subconsciously she is sizing you up for what her needs are. In the end, she may be attracted to you in all areas, but if her sexual instincts don’t pick up on what she’s looking for, you can forget about sex.

If this happens you will enter the “friend zone” because you meet all other criteria just not one she wants to be sexually intimate with. What can be worse than this is if you are in a relationship or marriage and as the relationship evolves, there is a loss in sexual spark between you, you may find you’re getting the “I’m not in the mood” much more than you would like or even be criticized for your sexual prowess.

To avoid this and understand what could possibly be a sexual turn-on for your woman, we need to look at some basic principles. Again all women are unique and their specific turn-ons will vary, but there are some basic items that will greatly increase your ability to arouse her and get her in the mood.

Sexual Turn-ons for Women

Let Her Beauty Shine

We all know we are beautiful, but when our man makes us feel even more beautiful, both in and out of the bedroom, it’s a turn-on. This done both through verbal as well as non-verbal actions reinforces his feeling and for us.



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Feeling Safe

Most women like the feeling and comfort of being safe. In a relationship the feeling extends to their partner in will he make her feel safe in all conditions. Whether they be out in public or alone together. The feeling of being safe stems from the attention she receives and how he puts her at the center of his attention.


Men who are not shy of public displays of affection, also known as PDA. We’re not talking about being groped in public, but a look, a touch, the holding of our hands all go a long way in turning us on and making us feel loved.

Checked Ego

We want our men to be strong and protect us, but we don’t expect them to know everything. It’s ok to ask questions because you don’t know anything. Listening and being capable of taking instructions is important. Especially when it comes to a woman’s body and what we like in the bedroom. When ego gets in the way of listening to our likes and dislikes that is a major turn-off.

Attention to Detail

Our intuition will guide us to our sexual partners, but the only true test will be when we’re in the bedroom. A huge turn on for us is when our man knows all the “right places” to touch and when. Picking up on whether we are enjoying the moment or not, again gets back to putting us at their center of attention. Knowing he cares about our needs are being met is a major factor in how good a lover he is.

Pleasure Over Performance

Women focus much more on the overall pleasure than sheer performance. We love a man who is pleasure-oriented rather oriented performance-oriented because sex is about the entire moment, not just the physical mechanics of intercourse.

Pre-game is Vital

How we get aroused is much different and slower than how men are aroused. Being with a man who understands the importance of foreplay is vital. Proper arousal for a woman is not a luxury, it is a necessity as not being properly aroused can lead to painful sex, and we don’t need to tell you that is not on any women’s list for sexual turn-ons.

Different Ways to Finish

Orgasm for men is straight forward. For women, however, there are different types of orgasms and they can be reached through means other than sexual intercourse. A major turn-on for us is knowing our man understands how to stimulate us to orgasm without sex.

There’s Two of Us in Our Relationship

We all want our man to look great and personal pride in their appearance does turn us on. However, there comes a point when self-love overtakes those sexual turn-ons and becomes a turn-off. If a man is more into himself than us, there is going to be a problem.

Personal Hygiene

Last on the list of sexual turn-ons for women can not be more simple. This is self-explanatory yet we find it amazing to hear from our clients this is not common knowledge. Personal hygiene should be a must for everyday life, it’s a must if you want to be intimate with us.