Top 8 Sensual Turn-ons for Women

8 Sensual Turn-ons for Women

The mystery of what turns a woman on has stumped and confused many men over the years. After all, women, unlike men, usually need more than the suggestion of sex to be turned on. A woman’s arousal is much more than physical and requires subtleties some men just don’t understand.

Today we are going to share with you the top 8 sensual turn-ons for women. We understand there is no playbook for turning your lady on. Instead, use this information more as guidance to help you and your significant other connect. Once you understand what turns her on, your sex life will not only improve due to more frequent sex, but the quality of sex will greatly increase too.

Top 8 Sensual Turn-ons for Women


First on the list of sensual turn-ons for women has nothing to do with touch.

Are you paying attention? Your attention to your woman is paramount to not only turning her on but also for the long-term health of your relationship. Women need to feel you are putting them at the center of your attention and you are listening, you care and no you are not just in for what you can get out of the relationship.

Being attentive does more than just turn your woman on, it furthers the emotional bond the two of you have and it will continue to give you information on what she likes and wants. From all the women we have asked this question to, by far the most frequent response to what turns them on was when their man puts them at the center of his attention.


This can be a difficult topic for some men because they feel they talk more than enough with their counterparts. While it may be true there is a lot of conversation, the discussions are trivial and meaningless. Discussing the weather or the day’s activities at work does not constitute an emotional and bonding conversation.

We are not suggesting you need to seduce your woman with dirty talk with sensual and romantic undertones, it really is much easier. Simply open up to your lady about your feelings, your desires, and what makes you tick. You will be able to not only see, but feel her get into the conversation.

Continually opening up to your partner reveals your level of trust with her and how you value her opinion. Fostering these feelings increases the level of arousal for women as trust and comfort are key elements to a relationship.

Active Listening

Didn’t we say being attentive was a turn-on? Yes, we did but there is more to being attentive than listening. Active listening is when you repeat back information to your lady about what she has said to you. This is not a relationship gimmick, it is actually a great habit to learn for all times you should be listening.

Being active in the listening process greatly increases your retention level of the information and facts you heard. In addition, repeating it back to the person who told you, allows them to feel confident you understood them correctly.

Being an active listener in your conversations with your partner allows her to feel you understand her feelings and her point of view. Just as being attentive will give you clues, so does active listening.

Playing with Her Hair

Our scalps are extremely sensitive to touch and are an area of our bodies rarely touched by others. Think about the times you have your hair washed at the barber or even salon (we know men visit the salon too). It feels great when they are washing your hair and massaging your scalp, as it’s very relaxing.

With that feeling in mind, think of how she feels when you do the same to her. Not only is it relaxing, and allows her to unwind, but it’s also endearing. You are putting her at the center of your attention by caressing her hair and you are bonding because of the physical closeness. Again all keys to making her feel loved, secure, and connected.

Deep Connection

At this point, we’re sure you can see the pattern. When a woman feels connected, both physically and emotionally, it allows her to be at a great comfort level with her man.

This comfort translates into a happy woman because her emotional needs are being fulfilled. When she is feeling happy and has a great sense of connectedness, her arousal is more frequent as she is free from relationship worries.

Don’t Put Her to Sleep

How many times have you heard women say they miss the man they fell in love with? Unfortunately, this happens too often, and men after they’ve been dating for an extended period of time or get married stop being themselves. They stop being adventurous and interesting to be around.

Some women are turned on by the danger of being adventurous. Activities like rock climbing, skydiving, and even riding rollercoasters all help get the adrenaline flowing. If those aren’t your types of activities don’t fret. You can be adventurous in many other ways that will keep your lady interested in you.

The bottom line is don’t become boring where all you have to talk about is the weather.

Light Touches

Our largest organ is our skin and it loves to be touched. Now before you start thinking about the erotic places you’d be glad to touch your lady, think first everywhere else. Light and soft touches on her arms, neck, her face, legs, and even her hands. These soft caresses can happen anywhere and at any time.

The touches show another form of putting her at the center of your attention. They are also a form of foreplay that can start her arousal well before you are in a position to actually have sex. Learn more about the importance of foreplay to sex.

Good Kissing

The power of a good kiss! Many women have said they can tell how a relationship will go, or has gone from the first kiss. More than just saliva is transferred when you kiss. At our very core, our senses pick up on many characteristics about the other person in a kiss.

Kissing is one of the most intimate activities we do with our partners, and yes it can be a precursor to sex. Think of all the times you kiss that don’t lead to sex and in those moments when you kiss her, make it passionate, make it memorable, and make it special.