Secret Foreplay Tips for Multiple Orgasms

5 Secret Foreplay Tips for Intense Relationships

Women and men are different, that’s no secret. So why is it that men don’t know these secret foreplay tips? It is really that hard our is just a lack of knowledge? Let’s take some time to lay them out so hopefully, more men understand what it takes to help their significant other enjoy sex.

It is not a shocking fact to state it doesn’t take much to sexually arouse a man and get him to orgasm. We know this can be a simple kiss on his neck, a gesture or even a touch that is all that is needed to get his motor running.

For women, on the other hand, it can be more difficult, but when properly aroused women have the amazing ability to experience not just one, but multiple orgasms. What makes this possible is a simple fact. For men, the center of their orgasms is their penis which is the center of their sexuality. Compared to a woman who experiences orgasms throughout her entire body.

A woman’s body is one complete sexual unit and while it may take longer to become sexually aroused, stimulating a woman’s desires unlocks many pleasures and keeps both parties coming back for more.

The differences in men and women from how quickly they become aroused down to how an orgasm is experienced can cause a great divide when it comes to foreplay. Most men are too quick to go from foreplay to sex, leaving their partners wanting more. When this happens some women are too shy to ask for more from their partner. The following secret foreplay tips are proven to help both parties experience better more orgasmic sex.

Communication is a Must

The first on the list of foreplay tips involves using your ears. In addition to being able to have multiple orgasms, a woman also has the ability to have different types of orgasms. As the feeling of a clitoral orgasm is different than a vaginal orgasm, it is vital for a woman to voice her personal preferences.

When your partner is in tune with your desires for the day, the sensation you will experience will be aligned with your thoughts, heightening your pleasure.



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Romantic Environment

In general, men are much less concerned about their surroundings when having sex than women are. With that being said another secret foreplay tip to multiple orgasms for a woman is her surroundings. Taking the time to ensure she feels safe and comfortable is important. While this may sound obvious, in order for a woman to be able to completely let go and be part of the sexual experience, subconsciously she will need that sense of security.

Music, lighting, and even scents in the air all help to contribute to a relaxing, romantic environment. Your focus will be on each other, so there should be nothing other than the two of you to focus on. Make sure your cell phones and televisions are turned off.

Extended Foreplay

While there may not have been any physical touching, communicating and setting the environmental mood are all forms of foreplay. When you get to physically stimulating each other, slow down and take your time.

The mutual benefits of extended periods of foreplay are immense. In addition to rocketing your arousal to new heights, it also strengthens the emotional bond between you. Kissing and caressing each other increases oxytocin in your bodies prior to sex, and for ladies, it can be common to experience your first of many orgasms from being stimulated through foreplay.

Powerful Words

All too often couples forget the power of their words. Prior to, during, and even after sex, what you say to each other has an effect on your sensations. Many times couples stop talking when they are having sex. Unfortunately, they are missing out on some great sexual boosts.

Telling each other what you want, and what you are going to do to your partner can be major turn-ons and is important to remember when talking foreplay tips. While performing the acts again talking dirty about it to each other can heighten the mood and help induce an orgasm.

Then after sex, cuddling and talking further improve your connectedness as your body will be coursing with oxytocin and endorphins.

Changing Things Up

As mentioned earlier, a woman has the ability for different types of orgasms. Knowing this allows for endless possibilities. Changing techniques and methods of stimulation allows a woman to have multiple orgasms in various ways.

For men, while there may need to be a brief period of rest between orgasms, the time between can be filled by changing up the stimulation for their partner.

Experiencing multiple orgasms is like nothing else in the world. When you personally experience them they leave you breathless. If you are the person helping to facilitate them you too experience a euphoric feeling and bond with your partner. Taking the time now to learn some of these foreplay techniques from these foreplay tips will allow you and your partner to experience multiple orgasms again and again. Enjoy!