Are You Ready for an Orgasm Quiz?

1 Short Orgasm Quiz for Intimate Beautiful Relationships

[adinserter block=”10″]Sex is a topic on our minds a lot. Whether we want to admit it or not, it’s on our mind in some form daily. We know the stereotype that men think about sex every seven seconds are false (that’s over 8000 times per day). However, from actual studies we know the number of times it’s thought about by both women and men ranges from 140 to about 350 per day respectively.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a great idea for our readers to quiz themselves on something they are obviously thinking about frequently. However, sex is a vast arena of actions and activities. There are many different types of areas you can be thinking about which would constitute a sexual thought; kissing, foreplay, coitus, etc. So we wanted to narrow the thought process and area of expertise down to one major event experienced when having sex; an orgasm.

For men, there is one, and for women that are actually three different types of orgasms. How you achieve them and what they feel like when you experience them is as unique as you. Yes, there is research that shows what should be the best way to achieve climax, but there is always the personal preference wildcard in the mix, as well as how well you and your partner interact.

Your knowledge about orgasms allows you to understand the physiology of an orgasm and then apply it to your own body and your own situation. Taking a quiz such as this will test your knowledge and immediately show you where you are right and where you may be misinformed.

Orgasm Quiz and Alura Lux Help to Improve Your Sex Life

Take an Orgasm Quiz

This is a very short orgasm quiz and will not take you long to complete. Once you have finished the quiz grab your bottle of Alura Lux, your honey and put your knowledge to the real test. Remember the more you know about what makes you feel good while having sex the better sex will be.

While we all want our partners to be amazing lovers. Remember there is a big portion of how good they are which comes from us sharing with them what we like best. Don’t be shy, take the orgasm quiz here and then enjoy the sex that follows.