Making Your Close Relationship Closer

How to Make Close Relationship Closer
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Where do we get our ideals for what a close, loving, long-term relationship is? Is from television? From the home environment that we grew up in? What is right and what works?

These questions coupled with failed relationships can have devastating effects on our confidence and what we believe to be the ideal relationship. In addition to this we may have may possibly be hurting or pushing away that someone who actually is the one that we are meant to be with the rest of our lives.

Then there are the circumstances where a couple is in love yet they lack intimacy. As they have grown together so has the complexity of their lives and relationship. From being just the two of them after marriage, then kids, advancements in careers and all the activities that take up their time, there is little time or energy left at the end of the day to be close and intimate.

What can be done?

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D has written a great article that explains what couples can do to bring themselves back together to reconnect, to be closer titled How to Make Your Close Relationship Closer. It is a fantastic article that discusses how we determine the quality of our relationships and in some cases how we feel about ourselves.

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It would much too easy to say that increasing your intimacy with your loved one, that is having more sex is all that is required to improve your relationship. While some would like to think so, sex is not always the answer.

As you read Dr. Whitborune’s article you will see her insight on determining and distinguishing your closeness with the other individual in your relationship, and the differences in types of closeness. She continue further to provide a simple system that you can to use to quantify and measure the closeness that you have in your relationship.

Every relationship, whether professional, personal, romantic or somewhere in between requires work. The relationships that we work on and foster will flourish and thrive. Those we neglect will perish. Do not let the relationships that mean the most to you perish, help them to thrive and start with How to Make Your Close Relationship Closer.

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