Kissing Your Way to a Stronger Relationship


Photo Credit: Online for Love

Kissing and its importance in a relationship is not something everyone understands.

While each of us is unique and we all bring our own flair and personality to our relationships, in every relationship, there are some basic elements to being happy with our relationship.

Trust, intimacy and feeling loved all have to be present for both parties to be truly satisfied and happy in their union. While there are many ways these key elements can all be built, kissing is at the forefront of them all.

Why Kissing Helps Your Relationship

Kissing strengthens our romantic bonds, makes us feel inherently better and also improves our self-esteem. In a recent study conducted by Leger Marketing, a significant number of respondents – 75% – reported that kissing made them feel more connected to their partner and their kids. Additionally, 65% stated kissing boosted their confidence.

“When you think about how simple it is to kiss, the benefits of it are pretty powerful,” says Dr. Karyn Gordon, a Toronto-based relationship expert.

Kissing can intimidate many people but there are some tricks and skills you can learn to be a better kisser. In addition to your technique for how you kiss, make sure your lips are kissable.

Make sure you get adequate rest, drink lots of water and use a lip-care product such as Blistex Chapstick, says Dr. Gordon. “We spend so much time taking care of our bodies – waxing, dying our hair – yet we don’t hear a lot of talk of what people do to take care of their lips.”

Kissing Your Way to a Better and Happier Relationship

With your lips ready for kissing, how often should you be kissing your partner? Dr. Gordon recommends locking lips with a loved one daily, if possible.

“As soon as you walk in the door at the end of the day from work, find your spouse or significant other and kiss them. That should be the first thing you do before you do anything else (even greeting the kids).”

Though a daily dose of love pecks may be the ideal, not all of us are fulfilling our kiss quota. Sixty-six percent of those polled said they weren’t kissing enough, while half said they didn’t have the opportunity to kiss.

We are all busy in our lives but you will be surprised what some simple planning can do for you. Dr. Gordon advises coming up with a kissing strategy ahead of time. “A lot of people are anxious about kissing.

They want it but don’t know how and when to do it. Plan ahead in your own mind what kind of situations are going to pop up and what you will do and how you will respond,” she says.

She recommends talking it over with your partner or taking the initiative to kiss them more. Guys will tend to prefer the latter approach, says Gordon. “Men sometimes don’t like talking about this stuff, so just doing it is a great solution.”

Creating a tradition that you do as a couple is another way to secure more make-out time, says Gordon. “Traditions give people something to look forward to. They allow you to be more physically present and more affectionate, she says.” “You can’t kiss if you aren’t beside each other. You can’t do that with technology, you really have to be side-by-side.”

Make the time today to kiss your loved ones. Show them through your actions your feelings for them, from kissing the kids goodnight every day, to kissing your spouse multiple times throughout the day, it will not only make them feel great but you as well.