Kissing Tips for Better Sex

Kissing Tips for Even Better Sex

Hint: Before sex is kissing. Use these kissing tips to have better sex.

We all know there is no playbook for what a couple needs to follow for great sex. While books and magazines may say there are ‘rules’ to follow, what they refer to as ‘rules’ are simply what turns you and your partner on. Finding this common ground and building on it in a relationship is what creates the intimate bond between you and your partner.

There is however one activity we do that can be considered universal in starting and forming the lasting bond between you and your lover; kissing. Kissing does many things both physically and emotionally for us. A good kiss turns us on, gets us going, and makes us want more.

Kissing Tips for Better Sex

A kiss can make or break a relationship. Studies have shown in failed relationships once the kissing stops, sex is often next. The lack of intimacy between the couple changes the dynamic of the relationship leading to a break-up. With that being said, keep the kissing alive to keep your relationship going, increasing your intimacy, and here are some kissing tips for better sex.

What can be done to ensure you increase the intimacy in your relationship through kissing? Use different ways of kissing to build a strong and intimate relationship, leading to many improvements throughout your relationship. With a stronger emotional and physical bond to your partner, sex will continue to have a deeper meaning and more fulfilling results.

The French Kiss

Until very recently there was actually no French word for ‘French kiss’ but in spite of this, it is probably the sexiest and most intimate of all the kissing styles. A passionate, tongue-tingling ‘galoche’ can really heat things up before and during sex and is also a great way to continue the intimacy after.

Our tongues are full of nerve endings so when you and your partner’s tongues come together, the sparks fly. Researchers have found both men and women, subconsciously are attracted to each other through scent and taste. As there is no more passionate kiss than this, if you were to decide only to kiss one way, this would be the way we suggest you become very good at it.

The Love Bite

Not so much a bite as it is a nibble, softly pressing your teeth into your partner’s skin during sex does not make you a vampire and can deliver an energizing jolt which, due to the delightfully fine line between the body’s pleasure and pain receptors, is a huge turn-on for some. It’s also just that little bit naughty and may just hold the key to spicing up your relationship.

Tips for Becoming a Better Kisser

A Love Peck

Perhaps the least appreciated kissing style, the peck is actually a dynamite way of working each other into a frenzy during a passionate sex session. Especially effective around the face and neck area, softly caressing your partner with pecks before and during sex is hugely erotic and acts as a great teasing method to assert your control.

Mix it Up

Kissing is extremely versatile and different kinds of kisses at different stages of your love-making can get the juices going like absolutely nothing else.

Rather than always sticking to your tried and tested methods, experiment with different kissing techniques, speeds, and rhythms which will drive your partner wild with surprise and anticipation and is one of many great ways to increase intimacy.

While the way you kiss your partner is important, so too is where you kiss your partner. Varying the types of kisses and the location on the body you are kissing further increases intimacy before, during, and after sex.

We as humans have many turn-ons and finding them on our partner is part of the fun. Besides all the obvious sensitive places, the neck, ears, back, hands and feet are particularly receptive but, pretty much wherever you see skin, there are nerves so try using your mouth to search for your partner’s unique sweet spots.

Enjoy your relationship, increase your intimacy and have better sex starting with a great kiss!

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