5 Kissing Secrets for Exceptional Intimacy and Sex

5 Kissing Secrets for Exceptional Intimacy and Sex

We all have our secrets, but not there are some we can share. Here are some kissing secrets that we are more than happy to share to help everyone improve not only their relationship but their sex life too.

When you have a romantic interest in another person, one of the very first steps your relationship will pass through leading to you being intimate is kissing. The first kiss of any relationship is significant because of many factors.

Kissing in itself is very intimate but there are also many things that happen during that first kiss. Scent, taste, and wetness are all factors in what our subconscious picks up on and tell us if we should proceed or if the “spark” just isn’t there.

These kissing secrets are not intended to make that first kiss extra special or sweep him/her off their feet, mind you they will not hurt that cause either. No, we are assuming you are past that stage and want to increase the intimacy in your relationship and at the same time enhance your sexual pleasure.

Through kissing, these are all possible and these 5 kissing secrets will definitely allow you to accomplish it.

Kissing Secret #1

Kissing is the start of so many things in a relationship. When it comes to foreplay, kissing is usually what most couples start with. That is no secret but what most people don’t know is many people love to have their entire face kissed. Think of it as kissing foreplay.

Instead of kissing your partner on the lips first, start by slowly kissing all around their face. Gently and sensually kiss their eyelids, their forehead their nose and then end with a passionate kiss on their lips. Just as foreplay builds towards sex, your soft kisses around their face build the excitement for the passionate kiss.

Kissing Secret #2

Once you are fully into the kiss you will feel your body relax and both you and your partner will start to kiss more passionately. Alternate sucking on their upper and lower lips during the kiss. Also, you can start using your tongue and start French kissing your partner.

Be careful about how much tongue you use as you don’t want it to get boring or too wet. Change up what you are doing with your tongue as well as sucking or nibbling on their lips.

Kissing Secret #3

While you are kissing there are some simple things you can do to quickly increase the excitement and intensity of your kissing. Instead of just focusing on what you are doing with your mouth and tongue, add some sensual touching and rubbing to the mix.

The caressing does not have to be sexual in nature to enhance the kiss. Simply holding your partner’s hand, running your fingers through their hair, and stroking their legs, neck, or back all heightens the experience and awakens the senses.

Kissing Secret #4

Our bodies are extremely sensitive to the touch. Use this to further heighten the arousal and pleasure of kissing and move your kisses from your partner’s mouth to other regions of their body. The easiest region to transition to is your partner’s neck.

The nerves on their neck, collarbone, and shoulders provide higher levels of pleasure than most people would expect to come from light kissing. As you kiss the neck, lick softly, sucking gently, and once their skin is moist you may want to blow gently against it.

This will cause a sweet, cool sensation that is likely to give them goosebumps. Stay away from the hickey thing, it more times than not will ruin the mood.

Kissing Secret #5

Going back to kissing your partner on the mouth, alternate between using your tongue and sucking or gently biting their lips. As you use your tongue, try flicking the tip of your tongue up between their teeth and lip to the small flap of skin at the top. This is often unexpected and can cause some serious pleasure.

Continue exploring your partner’s mouth with your tongue by tracing their teeth or the inside of their cheeks as examples. One word of caution here is to be careful and don’t make it seem you are playing “Tonsil Hockey.”

This is also a great time to allow your partner’s tongue to come into your mouth more, and you can gently suck on it and cradle their tongue with yours. Always be open to your partner’s actions as you can gain much information from them and follow their lead to give them what they desire.

For any of these kissing techniques, you are not familiar with you will have to start out slow and practice, which in this case means kissing your partner more, and that is never a bad thing.