How Good are You in Bed?

How Good are You in Bed

It’s a question we all want to know, but are afraid to ask, how good are you in bed?

It’s a very forward question and one that can be flipped back on us. Let’s face it, how good you or your partner is in bed is a personal preference. Having self-awareness is great to have and one your partner will thank you for … over and over.

With the workweek done and the weekend upon us, we know that it’s time to relax, recharge and get busy. For many couples, Thursday night is the unofficial start of the weekend which because of hectic work schedules means the weekend is the only time that they have enough energy and free time for sex.

How Good Are You in Bed?

Sounds bizarre to say you don’t have enough energy left for sex, but let’s face the facts. We do not live in a fantasy world where when you order a pizza, the pizza delivery guy (or girl) is also ready for a quick romp between the sheets. Actually, it’s because of movies and porn many people have a misconception of what being good in bed really means.

To help clear the air, your conscious and bring you back to reality we felt it necessary not to ramble on about the facts of what you should or shouldn’t do, but instead have a fun quiz. While most of us hated quizzes in school, this one is different. You do not have to study, there are no grades and you don’t have to stay after school (unless of course, that role-playing is something you and your partner enjoy.)

As we are sure you’re aware there are many factors other than anatomy that play into how good sex can be. Confidence, body image, emotional connection even down to how loud (or quiet) you are while doing the deed, can affect not only your satisfaction but also your partner’s.

Now that you are mentally prepared (honestly this quiz is very simple) for this quiz, let’s see how good you are in bed. One more thing, only you will get the results and at end of the quiz, there is a nice summary of the kind of lover you are.

Take your ”How Good are You in Bed?” quiz.