Have Better Sex with Alura Lux

Have Better Sex with Alura Lux Cream

Elusive, seductive and intoxicating! They are three words that some use to describe having sex. Elusive because you have to have found and been with the right partner. Seductive as you lose yourself in the moment, the feeling and the activity. Last but not least intoxicating because when sex is great, it creates a powerful emotion that nothing can deter.

Have Better Sex with Alura Lux

But what happens when you feel none of that? When you know you love the one you’re with and you both deeply desire to have great, passionate sex, because it escapes you. This struggle for answers can put an emotional strain on an otherwise great relationship.

As Dr. Dale Keeton, a respected psychologist from The Vienna Family Therapy Center states, “When sexual intimacy is boosted and couples are more open to each other, the various other dimensions of intimacy also increase dramatically. Issues like communication improve and as a result, the all-around relationship is boosted.”

Alura Lux is the missing piece of the intimacy puzzle that couples around the world are finding. Not only are couples such as you finding Alura Lux on your own but many sex therapists, as well as couples counsellors, are recommending Alura Lux.

Alura Lux is the choice of professionals because it was developed by a professional to meet the specific needs of both the couple and more specifically the woman’s needs within the relationship.

Alura Lux is a patented, safe and effective, clear viscous product that was created to not only stimulate but protect the surface of the clitoris. When Alura Lux is applied to a woman’s vaginal region – specifically the clitoris, it penetrates the soft surface tissues and generates an invigorating, “cool tingling” feeling.

The increase in blood flow through the tissues of the vagina increases natural vaginal lubrication and increase arousal. With increased arousal a woman is better prepared both physically and emotionally for sex. These feelings and gestures are immediately felt by her partner increasing intimacy, pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

Daily use of Alura Lux also helps to increase low libido, strengthens the pelvic walls of the vagina, thus increased the frequency and duration of orgasms as well as helping prevent incontinence.

Alura Lux is an organic, topical crème and is available over-the-counter by means of Engineered Lifestyles.

Alura Lux is a 100% water-soluble essence item that instantly moistens your skin and makes it truly feel refreshing, alive and healthy. Use a little quantity of Alura Lux every single morning and evening and caress directly into the skin. You will discover the best results if you apply it on a daily basis for 60 days. (Note: This product has Menthol so be mindful not to use it around your eyes. And if you are pregnant, you should not use this product).

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