5 Feminine Hygiene Tips for Improved Intimate Health

5 Feminine Hygiene Tips for Improved Intimate Health

Cleanliness is key to feeling carefree and looking your most beautiful. All women need to know the best ways to take care of their bodies, and yet issues of feminine hygiene are very rarely discussed. Here are some tips to help you feel fresh and confident enough to shine all day – even in your most private moments.

5 Tips for Feminine Hygiene

Materials Matter

The first thing we think about when discussing feminine hygiene is what we wash with.

Because your intimate health is delicate, it’s important to select cleansing materials that contain ingredients that harmonize with the female body’s exact needs. Soaps with strong fragrances can provoke irritation, and some specific cleaning agents have been linked to allergies as well as more serious health issues. Triclosan, for example, is found in a vast range of products in the US; but its use is restricted throughout Europe and it has been found by the US Food and Drug Administration to be linked to long-term health problems such as reduced resistance to bacteria. Knowing what you wish to avoid will make shopping for cleansing products much easier.

Of course, the best way to be sure that a product is right for you is to choose one that is tailored to the purpose you will be using it for. Just as using a body scrub on your face might dry out your skin, using facial soap on your intimate areas can have detrimental effects. The pH level of these areas is more acidic than the rest of your skin, and it changes as your hormones shift throughout your monthly cycle. High-quality intimate washes are created with this in mind but remember: if a new product doesn’t seem to agree with you, don’t persevere – your body knows what’s best for it.

A Way That’s Right for Your Body

Using a variety of methods will give you the most effective cleaning. Scrubbing dead cells away with a loofah keeps your skin looking bright, but rough approaches like this are only suitable for your arms, legs, and torso.

The spongy texture of washcloths and loofahs can cause them to retain bacteria and even house mold, so be careful to keep yours clean and to replace them frequently. For extremely sensitive areas like the face and your intimate regions, the safest way to keep clean is simply by lathering gently with your hands.

Keeping Yourself in Shape

We all know the benefits of daily activity and the benefits it brings to our entire body, but what can we do to keep our feminine parts in shape?

We are not suggesting a new regimen of daily sex, but we are suggesting daily activity for your lady parts. Doing kegel exercises on a regular basis helps strengthen your pelvic wall and helps with incontinence, and when you are having sex this will help improve the sensation and intensity of orgasms.

In addition to this, the daily use of Alura Lux helps promote blood flow to the sensitive tissues in and around the vagina. This keeps the tissues healthy ensuring they are regularly receiving the nutrients needed for sustained health. Alura Lux also acts as a natural antibiotic keeping a woman fresh and free from infections such as yeast infections or vaginal discharge.

All Things in Moderation

There really is such a thing as being too clean!

Whether or not you realize it, your body is engaged in a constant balancing act to keep itself in sync, responding to even the smallest changes in your routine. Moderation is, therefore, a necessary part of good hygiene. Excessive exposure to soap products – including bubble baths – could lead to infections, dryness, and discomfort.

Experts including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists also warn against douching or internal cleansing. If everything is running smoothly, you should be able to keep clean on the outside and let the inside look after itself.

Look After Your Intimate Objects

Last but not least when on our list of feminine hygiene tips taking good care of your personal massagers and other intimate objects is a huge part of having positive experiences with them.

STDs and other harmful bacteria can breed on these items, but by using proper cleaning methods you can eliminate this risk and keep them in the best condition for you to enjoy them for as long as possible. Investing in a cleansing product that is specifically designed for the purpose means you can be sure that it is compatible with the female body. You can then enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you are getting the most out of your intimate objects in the safest way.