What are the Different Types of Orgasms?

What are the Different Female Types of Orgasms

For some this happens regularly, for others, it has become somewhat elusive. Be it routine, knowledge or simply personal preference how and when a woman experiences an orgasm is as unique as she is. If we all have the same anatomy, why do some women experience many more orgasms than others, and are there different types?

While the debate on how many different types of orgasms continues, one area that researchers have all agreed on is that there are indeed different types of orgasms women can experience. According to a recent study published in the journal NeuroQuantology, there are four distinct types of female orgasms (clitoral, vaginal, blended, or multiple orgasms).

We all love our routines and often this love affair continues in the bedroom. We have a tendency to fall back on a certain set of moves in the bedroom which gives us, you guessed it, the same results every time. So if we are not having any orgasms, or we are not experiencing the different types, we need to change things up so we can experience the multiple blissed-out, body-tingling way to a happy ending.

With that being said, here are the four main types of female orgasms and the paths to take to experience them – starting tonight.

What are the 3 Different Types of Orgasms?

Clitoral Orgasms

The clitoris is a remarkable thing. It is the erogenous hot spot for women. The clitoris is the only human organ, male or female, designed specifically for pleasure. It boasts a sensational 8,000 nerve endings and while the majority of the not-so-average clitoris is actually hidden inside the body, that all-important external sweet spot towards the top of the vulva makes clitoral orgasms ripe for pleasure.

This makes the clitoris the go-to spot for stimulation and one that can put you over the edge. However, according to Sari Cooper, a certified sex therapist in New York City and a columnist for Psychology Today, heading straight to the clitoris gives you a less pleasurable orgasm than if your partner touches, caresses, or massages other parts of your genitals before zoning in on that hot spot.

Clitoral stimulation should not be the first thing your partner stimulates to get you revved up. It should be worked up during foreplay and even during sex. The areas around the clitoris including the shaft, labia, and upper part of the clitoral hood can all be stimulated. This approach builds the sensation and feeling and when you finally reach your pleasure peak, all 8000 nerve endings will do their part for spine-tingling, toe-curling bliss.

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Vaginal Orgasms

Where clitoral orgasms are all about the touching, caressing, and stroking of sensitive spots outside the body, their vaginal counterparts happen on the inside. Specifically, what we’re aiming for here, be it with fingers, a penis, or a sex toy is the G-spot. Though there is still some debate as to whether the G-spot exists, 30 percent of women claim they can have an orgasm from having the famous erogenous zone stimulated through penetration alone.

Finding your own G-spot can be done with your partner or through self-exploration. You will want to explore the front vaginal with your finger until you feel an area that’s rippled and spongy in texture. When you touch it, it should feel very good. Once you know where it is, the second step will be instructing your partner.

During intercourse, you will need to guide your partner to target his thrusting there. Positioning most likely will come into play and changing the position to target your G-spot is all part of the fun. One position known to work well is lying on your sides while facing each other, with your legs intertwined comfortably—think of two pairs of crisscrossed scissors. Keep your parts aligned and make sure he rubs against the front wall of your vagina. “This position allows for deeper thrusts that further stimulate the G-spot,” says Cooper. Another common way to get the angle just right is to put a pillow under your bottom in the missionary position.

Blended Orgasm

As the name suggests this is the best of both worlds. This type of orgasm has the intensity of a clitoral orgasm combined with the body-shaking force of a vaginal orgasm. Experts say a blended orgasm is the most powerful type of finale a woman can have. It can actually be twice as strong and intense as either orgasm by itself.

To experience a blended orgasm you will need to simultaneously stimulate your clitoris and g-spot. While this may sound complicated, with a little coordination, a lot of communication, and some patience you and your partner can achieve anything.

Some popular positions to stimulate both erogenous zones are the girl-on-top, a variation of missionary, or even sitting on your partner’s lap facing away. Then as you control thrusting, have your partner stimulate your clitoris.

For the variation to missionary,  have your partner inch their body up so your hips are aligned, and tilt your pelvis upward so that the base of his penis is on your clitoris but the rest of him is inside you. In this position your partner is actually grinding against your pelvic bone then he is thrusting.

Multiple Orgasms

Men and women experience pleasure in different ways, and that’s especially true of the holy grail of sexual highs, multiple orgasms. To be clear though, multiple orgasms happen one right after another, not at different times in one session, although those are great too. Studies show that multiple orgasms are possible for some women if they can withstand being continuously stimulated after their first, second, and more “finishes.”

The key to having multiple orgasms is after your first orgasm to continue with stimulation in a way that you can tolerate. Your partner will need to continue stimulating you but alternate the pace. For instance, after helping you to your first orgasm with by use of hands or mouth, immediately afterward, your partner can continue to stimulate your C-spot in a slower manner for about 30 seconds, and then resume a normal pace to get you to a repeat performance.

From there, begin intercourse, which can lead to multiple vaginal or blended orgasms, using the same technique of slowing down and speeding up, as long as you keep the stimulation going and your arousal high.

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