5 Fantastic Foreplay Tips Intimate Couples Love

5 Fantastic Foreplay Tips Intimate Couples Love

We have put together this list of 5 fantastic foreplay tips for one thing and one thing only, better intimacy in your sexual relationship.

If you want to have a more enjoyable sex life, one of the secrets is to consistently have more enjoyable foreplay. While this may sound obvious, you’d be surprised at the number of couples who skip this extremely important part of their sexual routine, and then wonder why sex is not enjoyable or satisfying. Having more fun before getting frisky helps to connect you both emotionally and physically with your partner. Don’t worry if your current foreplay skills are not doing it for you, we have put together simple must try foreplay tips that will make you a pro in no time.

Why is Foreplay Important?

Before getting to the fun, you need to understand just why foreplay is so important. Obviously, men and women are different, and this continues with how we orgasm too. For men, it only takes them on average 3 minutes to orgasm. For us ladies, we need more attention and activity to allow us to reach our climax. The orgasmic plateau – where the climax is imminent – takes most women more than double the time it takes for men, so the added intimacy of a little foreplay goes a long way for our complete intimate enjoyment.

With that in mind let’s get cut to the chase and get to the fantastic foreplay tips that will leave both of you satisfied, smiling and ready for more!

Fantastic Foreplay Tips Everyone Needs to Try

Foreplay Tip #1: Start Early

Foreplay does not have to happen only when you are together. We live in the age of being connected and why not use it to your sexual advantage? So as your partner is on their way to work or at some point throughout the day, send them a sultry text. No need for any nude pics, leave that to the imagination, it’s actually better that way. Simply lead your partner with some innuendo about how you can’t wait to get them alone and have your way with them.

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Foreplay Tip #2: Positive Reinforcement

Communication is key to a successful relationship and that continues during foreplay. Let your partner know just how much you are enjoying what they are doing or what you would like to have done to you. The simplest way is to whisper that you “love to be touched here” and then take their hand and guide it to wherever that spot may be for you. Knowing they are doing something right and you enjoy it will build their confidence as well as your arousal. A simple win-win situation we all love.

Foreplay Tip #3: Foreplay Flash Cards

Adding games to your foreplay routine keeps things fresh and fun. Think of nine things you would like done to you, and then think of nine things your partner would like done to them. Then using pink and blue, write them down on index cards, pink for ladies and blue for guys. Place them all face down on the bed, then take turns drawing cards and enacting what each one says, and this will add an air of tantalizing anticipation to the proceedings.

Foreplay Tip #4: Hand-free Massage

Give each other great rubdowns with one stipulation, you can’t use your hands.  Stroke your partner’s body with any other part of your body you choose – lips, tongue, chest, hair – even changing positions from them on the bottom, to you straddling them. Be creative and we guarantee both of you will have a tough time keeping your hands off each other.

Foreplay Tip #5: Put On a Toy Show

Last and definitely not least on our list of fantastic foreplay tips is assisted stimulation. As we said earlier we need more stimulation than men do to reach an orgasm. To help bridge this gap we can use our favourite sex toy and our partner to reach our destination. Have your partner stimulate your clitoris (don’t forget to add Alura Lux for an even more body shaking orgasm) with your favourite toy while you have them kiss you where you like. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, give your partner a little solo show. Either way, it’s a great way to bring you both closer to reaching your orgasms simultaneously.