Emotional Intimacy Leads to Better Sex

Emotional Intimacy Leads to Better Sex

We as individuals are all unique. Our beliefs, fears, likes, dislikes, all shape who we are. When we are in a relationship with another person the uniqueness of the couple is what makes the relationship. So then why is it for every relationship that is different because of the people involved, there are still similarities across all relationships?

The relationship will follow similar patterns of lust, love, lulls and everything in between. Couples in long-term committed relationships definitely experience this as do those in shorter relationships. A question we hear a lot is what needs to be done to rekindle the romance and spark that once existed? How can we get back the lust that we once had for each other where we couldn’t keep our hands off each other?

Remembering how it once was and comparing it to the current state of the relationship can leave some couples worried there are major issues with their relationship. Yet they need to understand just they as individuals have over time grown to who they are, so too has their relationship with their partner.

The intimacy that exists between started from a connection, lead to a physical relationship that matured into a loving, intimate relationship. The intimacy in any relationship is built over time and is much more than simply the act of having sex.

Teaching couples this fact is exactly what Ginger Manley has been doing for the past 40 years. The author of Assisted Loving: The Journey through Sexuality and Aging and nurse practitioner has helped people deal with any manner of sexual issues. Based on her experience and knowledge she says there are some common sexual themes that couples have, with the most common being dealing with the transition from a lust-based to an emotional and intimate relationship.

Emotional Intimacy and Alura Lux in Your Relationship

Read what Ginger has found in her article in USA Today on how Emotional Intimacy Leads to Better Sex. She shares real-life stories about married couples in long term relationships who struggled with the transition. Again unique couples, unique relationship similar issues. Ginger also shares common hang-ups both men and women had and what was done to overcome them.

Increasing your emotional connection with your partner creates a bond that strengthens the love you share and enhances your physical connection. While sex can be had between any two consenting adults, the emotional intimacy they share is what makes it great.

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