Clitoral Stimulation Tips for Intense Orgasms

Clitoral Stimulation Tips for Intense Orgasms

The clitoris is the only part of the human anatomy that’s sole purpose is for sexual pleasure and clitoral stimulation is vital for intense orgasms. Even though most men and women understand this fact, there remains confusion about the best way to stimulate a woman’s clitoris.

To start with, stimulating the clitoris can be compared to giving someone a massage. While it may feel fantastic at first, if you don’t vary your technique, it can lead to numbness or even pain. Neither of which are conducive to allowing a woman to reach and experience an orgasm. When speaking of techniques, many men are confused about what works and more importantly what feels great.

With Alura Lux Cream, we are committed to helping women experience the pleasure they deserve. To help them experience more orgasms, it starts with education on how to properly stimulate the clitoris. We have put together some tried and proven clitoral stimulation techniques that will help any women experience toe-curling, body shaking orgasms.

5 Clitoral Stimulation Tips

Oral Stimulation

In all the methods we will share with you, remember over-stimulation is something you want to avoid at all costs. The sensation can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful at times, which are two things you do not want your lady to experience.

Going straight for the clitoris is not usually the proper series of events either. While men are aroused very quickly, a woman takes longer to become sexually aroused. Using your best foreplay techniques, make sure she is aroused and ready for clitoral stimulation.

When you start to stimulate her clitoris, gently expose her clitoris by retracting the clitoral hood and dart your tongue across it. Repeat this gently and quickly, varying the direction each time and pausing between each flick of your tongue. When she starts demanding more attention, release the hood and increase the degree of applied pressure until she reaches orgasm.

One tip to remember is not to blow directly on the clitoris. While this does change the sensation it has the potential to dry it out, and stimulating a non-lubricated clitoris is painful.



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Mouth Off

If you really want to be in charge in the bedroom, try something more controlled and specific; use your tongue to deliver slow, upward strokes against the delicate underside of the glans. Get her fully turned on and then retract the hood, and gently place your tongue beneath the clitoris. Slide it upward with soft, wet strokes. When done properly, this produces an extremely pleasurable tickling sensation. If repeated slowly and steadily, it’s a guaranteed orgasm of mammoth proportions — the secret is maintaining gentle, deliberate strokes, even when she’s begging for something harder and faster.

A great tip to remember here is the first strokes should be individual. In other words, you’ll want to momentarily break physical contact between each one. As she nears orgasm, you’ll want to alter your technique and begin sliding your tongue back to the starting point without breaking contact. This will ensure maximum clitoral stimulation.

Gentle Massaging During Foreplay

We know oral sex can be fantastic and a fast track to orgasms, but manual stimulation when done correctly can be just as satisfying. One method to attempt is with your lady on her knees, pull her back up against you so her back is against your chest. Then as you are hugging her with one arm, kissing and nibbling on her neck, ears and shoulder, reach around with your other hand and start to stimulate her clitoris.

There’s no need to retract the hood, just work your magic in slow, sexy circles. Try not to apply too much pressure to the clit — no squishing, unless she asks for it of course. If you want to add a little variety, try side-to-side or diagonal strokes. This is precisely how many women stimulate themselves and their bodies will respond automatically.

Again be aware of her lubrication as you do not want to manually stimulate her if she is not aroused or lubricated. If you feel she may not be wet enough for stimulation, or you want to increase the pleasure, place some Alura Lux on the tip of your finger then apply it directly to her clitoris. She will immediately feel the effects of Alura Lux and her clitoris will become erect and ultra-sensitive to stimulation.

Multiple Manual Stimulation

A woman can experience different types of orgasms and how she is stimulated will determine which type of orgasm she has. One method of combining a clitoral and vaginal orgasm is to use the following method which can require some practice.

The best position for this is with her lying on her back, and you lying beside her. Start with the gentle massaging method we just discussed, and continue until she’s very, very wet. At that point, you’ll want to slide a finger or two inside of her. Take your time. You don’t want to inflict pain, as that would kill the mood. When she’s ready for more, place your thumb on her clitoris and start to massage it. The combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation will double her pleasure, not to mention lead to a very unique combined orgasm.

Slow and Steady for a Grand Finale

When stimulating a woman’s clitoris always be patient, take your time and make sure to give your lady enough time to be properly aroused before starting clitoral stimulation. Start with small, gentle strokes and work your way up from there. She will let you know when she’s ready for all-out clitoral stimulation. Until that time, your best bet is just to let her simmer with desire and continue other foreplay techniques until she can’t resist anymore.