Better Sex Simply with a Touch?

Better Sex Now with Alura Lux

How is possible that for two consenting adults having sex either one or both of them are left unsatisfied? What is keeping them from being fulfilled not just physically but emotionally too?

If you are feeling less than satisfied with your sex life, don’t stress about it you are not alone. In a recent study of more than 3000 couples, it found that 6 out 10 couples who were in long-term relationships rate their sex life less than average, some in fact stating it was terrible. This is not something that we are going to say ignore, we are simply saying this is common and happily there is a solution.

Before going any further the type of relationship that you are currently in can and will have a large effect on your level of satisfaction with sex. If you are single and having casual sex with various partners, then the lack of emotional connection may be what is missing. This emotional connection makes sex more than just physical activity. It’s an extension of your love and should increase the bond you and your partner have.

Then there are those who are in a long-term committed relationship, have the emotional connection yet the sex is still sub-par. In this case routine, familiarity with each other, responsibility and schedule have major influences on the sex life. Stress above all else can be the silent love life killer, not to mention what it does for your overall health, but that is another topic.

How then, can you improve your sex life and sexual satisfaction with simply a touch? The answer to that question comes in the shape and form of Alura Lux.

What is Alura Lux or maybe the better way to ask would be why Alura Lux?

Better Sex Simply with a Touch of Alura Lux

It doesn’t take a sex therapist to know women and men not only get aroused by different factors, the speed of their arousal also greatly differs. For some men, simply the suggestion of sex will have them aroused and ready to go, but for most women, that is very different.

For better sex to be mutually satisfying both partners must be equally aroused and ready for intercourse. For men being horny and having an erection is all that is required. Unfortunately the same doesn’t hold true for women. In fact, if a woman is properly arouse before the act of vaginal intercourse, it can be quite uncomfortable to the point of actually being painful.

Alura Lux was developed specifically for women to aid in both strengthening their libido as well as their arousal. Alura Lux is a topical gel that is applied to a woman’s clitoris prior to having sex. Within seconds of application, the clitoris is erect, vaginal sensitivity is increased as is natural vaginal lubrication. All important items prior to the physical activity of having sex and the ability to reach an orgasm.

Couples who have never used Alura Lux often ask when to apply it and what does it feel like? For those that have used Alura Lux, they simply have added Alura Lux to their foreplay is all that is needed. Arousal is immediate, intense and continues throughout the act of having sex.

With both parties now properly aroused there is no telling how satisfying the sex will be and it all was improved with a simple and powerful touch!

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It All Starts with a Touch ...