How to Be Better in Bed | 1 Simple Way for Hotter Sex

How to be Better in Bed

The question that everyone wants to answer to but will not openly ask the question. “How do I get better in bed?

Girl or guy, straight or gay, regardless of social status, those of us who care about our sexual performance want to know ways that we can get better. Yes, there are some guys and girls who really don’t care, they just want to have sex and don’t bother with what it meant to their partner. Thankfully they are the minority.

How to Get Better in Bed

So what is it that makes a person good between the sheets, or where ever else they may have sex? Is it something or should we say what you’re born with? Is it technical skills, intimate knowledge of your partner’s anatomy that make one better? Or maybe it’s just the vibe a person gives off before during and after sex that makes it better.

With so many variables it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes one person better at having sex than another. However, this multitude of variables also makes sex unique. It’s never the same twice, even with the same partner. Different sexual positions, different techniques, even different products all make the sexual experience different and keep us coming back for more.

How to Be Better in Bed with Alura Lux

Without going into a clinical study about what technically makes some better at sex than others, because truthfully we don’t believe that exists, we thought it much better to see what others think. With all the people in the world having sex right now, what is it that makes it great?

For this, we did ask some of our Alura Lux customers as well as professionals that help couples with their relationships. What we found was the “skills” that made some women and men better in bed than others were somewhat shocking. Some were very subtle things that increased the intensity of sex, while others were more obvious.

In our questioning we came across a great article by Elise Nersesian, doing a similar exercise that has similar findings. Her article How to be Good in Bed is a fun way to see just what others think about what constitutes great sex and how they can be better at it. It’s a great summary of the types of subtle and not-so-subtle things you can do to be better in bed.

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