4 Simple Steps to Your Best Orgasm Ever

4 Best Orgasm Ever Tips

There is having sex, and then there is having the best orgasm to make sex out of this world!

However, when talking about orgasms there are many stereotypes and myths surrounding the Big ‘O’. For instance, have you heard the one that some people just can’t have orgasms while making love while others can? This is another great example of a myth that when people believe, it becomes their reality.

The truth is everyone can have an orgasm during lovemaking, it just takes learning how to. With some practice, patience and changing up your current routine, you too can have orgasms while making love. Here are four techniques you can use to improve your ability to have and enjoy the best orgasms every time you are intimate with your partner.

Ways to Have the Best Orgasm Ever

Relax and Enjoy

Learning to relax is above all else the most important skill you will need to master if you want to enjoy orgasms on a frequent basis. When you are continually thinking about having an orgasm and getting frustrated that you aren’t having them, or not getting closer to having one, it completely ruins your chances. The additional stress you are putting yourself under increases your tension and changes the way your body experiences the sensations of sex.

A key to learning how to relax about having an orgasm is to let it go. While this sounds dismissive, it isn’t as you know you want to have one, but constantly worrying or stressing yourself about having one has to stop. Instead, relax and let go prior to having sex. There are many ways to accomplish this, everything from having a warm bath or shower before sex, to wearing lingerie, to having your partner giving you an erotic massage. All are ways to allow you to release the tension of the day, to stop thinking about when you will climax and simply enjoy the moment and intimacy with your partner.

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Increase the Duration of Foreplay

Foreplay is important to both men and women. While many women report they cannot reach orgasm without foreplay, the act creates a stronger emotional and physical intimacy, leading to heightened sensations and ultimately more orgasms. Increasing the length of time you spend on foreplay helps every aspect of your intimacy.

Look to increase your foreplay to hours long instead of just a few minutes. This does not mean you have to start having marathon sessions in the bedroom, but simply starting your foreplay can be with caressing, cuddling kissing and even texting well before you are along and ready to have sex. Here are some great tips on how to improve your foreplay to help you achieve more orgasms.

Set the Mood for Romance

Self-confidence plays a major role in your ability to experience orgasms. For some people, they are self-conscious of their bodies and this increases their stress levels and reduces their ability to reach an orgasm. One solution to this is to turn the lights off, turn on some music and enjoy.

Turning the lights off immediately eliminates your stress over what you feel your partner is thinking about your body and having the music on further sets that mood. Depending on your music preferences and how loud the music is playing, it also fills the room with sounds and can drown out the sounds you and your partner are making. This further reduces anxiety and stress for some individuals.

Know What Turns You On

Relaxing, increasing foreplay and turning the lights off is all very good when it comes to learning how to have the best orgasm you can, but it can be viewed as being passive. Taking a more active role would be for you to find things that turn you on and bring you closer to orgasm. If you want to know how to orgasm every time you have sex, you need to get to know your body intimately.

Think of it as fun homework. Spend a few nights alone in bed, learning about what you enjoy, what turns you on and what brings you closer to orgasm. It could be direct clitoral stimulation, penetration with a dildo or vibrator, or even simple nipple stimulation. No matter what it is that arouses you and turns you on the most, it’s important to find out. When you discover what enables you to orgasm easily, relay the information to your partner so they can apply what you have learned when you’re together.