The Art of the Erotic Massage

Art of Erotic Massage

The art of erotic massage starts with a touch.

The sensation of touch can be one of the most erotic sensations we have. All too often the sensations we feel are taken for granted. When it comes to your relationship with your significant other, the sensation of touch can lead to unbelievable, intimate, and intense sex through an erotic massage.

The intimacy and closeness a couple feels while massaging each other enhances the bond which brings them together. Unfortunately, our busy lives do not allow many couples the time for a proper erotic massage, in some cases, they are hard-pressed to find enough time for sex alone. We want to change that and share the information that shows how simple and beneficial offering your partner a massage can be.

The Art of the Erotic Massage

Think of any massage you have experienced in the past. The relaxation, the health benefits to you physically and emotionally from stress relief are just some of the main reasons we enjoy massages. Taking that feeling and introducing intimacy creates an environment and setting which is both romantic and very arousing.

A massage between any couple romantically involved will be inherently sexual. The level of arousal will obviously be determined by the moods of the couple, how tired they are, and when they last had sex. For instance, men are predominately visual and the act of giving a full body massage to their partner will undoubtedly result in some level of arousal. The receiver of the massage, depending on how deeply they are relaxed by the massage, will become aroused.

Aside from the intimate, sensual, and sexual aspects, a massage releases a great deal of oxytocin into the body. Both the one being massaged and the one doing the massage will experience an increase in oxytocin and the intimate bond that oxytocin causes.

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Understanding there are benefits to an erotic massage the obvious next step is being prepared and knowing what is required to provide the best erotic massage to your partner. What prep work is required, what things do you need, and what are the proper techniques? These are all questions in need of answers which you find through Full Body Sexual Massage.

Using this great resource, you will learn what is required to offer your partner a relaxing, satisfying, sensual massage which will most likely leave both of you sexually fulfilled. Remember even the individual who is giving the erotic massage, the longer the massage lasts the greater the sexual tension build-up is, thus increasing the passion.

Intimacy is built through many factors in a relationship. From the physical side, touch and the sensations we feel from the touch of a lover are sure ways to continue to build your intimacy. Learning how to properly give each other erotic massages is a great tool to not only increase your intimacy but also allow you to have a healthy sex life and growing relationship.

Do you have a special erotic massage technique you would like to share? Send it to us through a comment or email. As always we appreciate all your comments and emails and don’t forget to share this information with your friends.


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