7 Foreplay Games All Couples Should Try

7 Foreplay Games All Couples Should Try

Who likes games? How about games that involve you and your significant other alone and getting naked? That’s exactly what these foreplay games are all about.

Our habits run our lives and that really is a good thing. Our habits allow us to accomplish tasks on a regular basis without having to expend too much energy which is great because our lives, like most, are very busy. By the end of the day when we head to the bedroom, the only thing on our mind is sleep.

So what do couples do to keep the passion alive and well in their relationship? If at the end of every day we are so tired, how can we make sure that when we go to bed, there is more than just sleep on our minds? We will show you 7 great ways you can use to make it to the point where you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other and it all starts with foreplay!

7 Foreplay Games for Couples of All Ages

Pick Each Other Up at a Local Bar

For many married couples or couples in long term relationships, the anxiety and excitement of meeting someone new is a distant memory. A simple foreplay game to play that allows both parties to experience this again is to go to a local bar and see who gets hit on first. While this game does involve trust, the couple will sit at opposite corners of the bar and talk and flirt with strangers. The one who gets hit on first wins.

Then once this happens, the couple can then gravitate to each and start flirting again. Then the flirting progresses to pickup lines then leaving together as though you picked each other up. The adrenaline and excitement of this process create intense anticipation as to what is coming next, and most couples who play this game have a difficult time keeping their hands off each other before they get home.

Blindfold Each Other

The heightened sensitivity of physical sensation adds excitement and electricity when you have to anticipate and imagine a touch you cannot see. Nothing will matter but what you feel. If your partner’s usually the dominant one in bed, blindfold them first. It’s an enticing way to tip the balance. Undress your lover as part of the build-up to a slow-burning climax. Props like feathers rose petals or oils can be introduced to stroke the skin. Keep in mind that this is about building passion through the sensation of touch and love in a safe environment and not about creating fear. As always, make sure you’ve set the rules of the game with your partner before plunging into the dark.

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Play Hard To Get

There are many variations of this but the bottom line is we always want most what we can’t have, especially when it comes to sex. So if things have become a little stale in your sex life, tell your partner you are not going to have sex with them until a certain day and time. Then between now and the time you have told them, do everything in your power to tease them. Through dressing sexy like wearing a low cut blouse, hiking up your skirt, or simple touches in areas that you know get your partner’s juices flowing – use them all to build the sexual tension.

Have Forbidden Sex

There’s nothing hotter than a quick rendezvous with the added excitement of possibly getting caught. If your partner has their own office, showing up sans undies with a picnic of oils and oysters. Doing it against the locked door can be thrilling — even if the office is at home. There is even greater eroticism in planning the “sexploit” together.

Build anticipation by packing your partner’s lunch for work to include some saucy bits you will both enjoy. Begin the day with you both going commando or swap underwear bottoms so you increase the slow anticipation. Build on that by sexting each other. If you don’t have an office, get creative about a place that would be exciting, forbidden and safe enough to do the dirty without getting caught too easily, if at all. When was the last time you couldn’t wait to get into a room to get into each other?

Showing More Skin

Couples don’t spend much time naked together. We shower and dress, or pull off our clothes and get into pyjamas. What about hanging around nude one afternoon? Or having Sunday breakfast sans clothing? Being naked allows you to feel more comfortable with your body — no matter your size — and give you confidence. It’s a sexy way to establish intimacy and trust with each other. If you have kids, put a lock on your bedroom door and spend time together without clothing.

Learning Something New Together

Many long-term couples have expressed a concern they don’t have much in common with each other anymore. While we all should have our own hobbies and interests, couples should always be on the look-out for doing new and exciting things together.

Make the conscious effort to learn something new together – cooking, ballroom dancing, painting – it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you are learning and doing it together. There is an added bonus if you can share your new-found talents alone in the bedroom – as in painting your spouse nude.

Erotic Love Letters

Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year and for many couples that is the only time they express their love and desire for each other in words. Don’t wait for one day to express it, do it on a regular basis. This is one of the most over-looked foreplay games a couple can plan.

Describe in bold, intimate detail how you imagine the two of you will make love and the feelings that it will evoke. Create a secret world between the two of you. Take turns exchanging letters to suggest a tryst, which could vary from the bedroom to the bathroom or even under the stars. Build the passion and keep the flame burning strong with your letters.