5 Mistakes Women Make During Sex

5 Mistakes Women Make During Sex

In everything that we do in life, we must be aware we are always learning. Whether it’s our parenting skills, our professional skills or even our sex skills. We have all heard the expression it takes two to tango, but what happens when one of the partners in this between-the-sheets dance is making mistakes? How does it affect not only his experience but her sexual experience too?

The common belief is that men are easy to please; simply the act of having sex and having an orgasm is all they need to be satisfied. If this is your benchmark and you are in your mid-twenties, then yes this may be the case. While many men won’t admit it, they too have an emotional side that needs to be satisfied just like women.

In understanding the 5 mistakes women make during sex, we look more at the mental side of the act of having sex than the physical ‘in-and-out’ of sex.

Giving too Much, too Soon

Suspense thrillers and the top-rated dramas on television keep millions of people coming back for more why? It’s because they end episodes with cliff-hanger events that leave the viewer wanting more, desperate to find out what happens.

The same can hold true with your relationship with your man. If you are in the early stages of your relationship stay mysterious and keep him guessing just a little, revealing a little more each time you go out, so like the cliff-hanger he is always wanting to know more and can’t think of anything else but you.

If you are in a long term relationship, most likely both you and your partner know all there is to know about each other physically, but there could be some hidden gems you can use. For instance, you can share some sexual fantasies with your guy only to make him earn them over time.

Not Taking Control

The anatomy of man does not leave much to the imagination when it comes to finding his pleasure point. Also, most men are forward in telling you exactly what they want and like. So if your guy can do it why can’t you?

One of the main keys to a woman’s sexual satisfaction is knowing exactly what she likes. This then allows you to tell your partner what they need to do for your pleasure points. Most likely by know you understand the three P’s of pleasure – pressure, pace and place. Knowing this for your body is what you have to tell your man.

Remember it’s perfectly acceptable to explicitly tell your partner what to do. Many couples reported in sexual studies the act of helping their partner orgasm was a major turn-on. Share the experience of reach orgasms together.

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Have Confidence

This is a very common issue and can drastically affect the physical portion of any relationship. Hang-ups that we have about our bodies and our sexual self-esteem can alter our performance in bed. We as women know that our bodies change more than men do over the course of our lives but embrace it. Empowering yourself by vocalizing your possible hang-ups to your partner has a way of making you look even sexier than you already are, plus it will distract and free you from them.

Letting Yourself Go

This could be a difficult topic to discuss with your partner. It can come across as being critical but if done correctly can add a new element to your sex life.

Sexual encounters can be spontaneous even in long term relationships. While we can become preoccupied with our busy lives, there is no excuse to neglect your normal hygiene routine. For many couples sharing their likes and dislikes when it comes to grooming can add an additional element of eroticism to the relationship. By knowing what your partner likes, you can change things up to provide an added surprise.

The Silent Treatment

Unless you are having sex in an area that you don’t want to be heard (another whole different topic), having sex involves expressing your enjoyment. While some woman can go overboard loudly faking an orgasm can have a nails-on-the-chalkboard effect, staying completely silent can be uninspiring and leave your partner feeling they haven’t done their part to satisfy you.

As you come closer to reaching your orgasm, some simple moans and direction merit a win-win situation. Your partner knows what they are doing is working and you continue to have the stimulation you need to reach an orgasm.

These five simple mistakes women make do not constitute the end of a relationship or do they mean if you happen to make them you are a bad lover. They are simply things that you can change quickly to add an additional spice to your sex life and don’t worry, there are many mistakes that men make in bed too. That will be another post and most likely much longer.

In the end, always talk with your partner as communication is truly the cornerstone of a great relationship. To add additional spice to any relationship bet some Alura Lux today. Woman approved to increase vaginal lubrication, sensitivity and number and intensity of orgasms.

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