10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaginas

10 Facts You Didn't Know About Vaginas

When it comes to differences in anatomy, there is no question that vaginas are much more complicated than a man’s penis. The same could be said about the sexes, in women are more sophisticated emotionally and physically than men are. This can be emphasized when it comes to sex.

What Do You Know About Vaginas?

Having great sex definitely involves more than physical anatomy. Research has shown having a great emotional connection brings sex to all-new levels of excitement, fulfillment and overall enjoyment. While there is no questioning the research, the other reality is there are many times when sex is just sex. From casual sex to random hook-ups to friends with benefits, the act of sex simply comes down to pure physical satisfaction.

Setting the stage for where we are going, we want to talk about the physicality of sex. At the risk of sounding elementary, what goes where and what does what. Obviously, we all know the relationship between the vagina and the penis has, but what beyond that do you know?

It is quite surprising how many women know very little about their own vaginas, excluding men from this discussion. For some women, the idea of getting to know their lady flower is less than desirable, yet they wonder why they can’t have great sex. Of course there is information that you can read, videos you can watch (no not porn) that will educate you on your genitalia, but to truly understand what your parts all do will take some self-exploration.

A very simple example of this lack of knowledge is how we even use the term vagina.

Most people use the term vagina for describing the “whole package”. However proper anatomy knowledge tells us that the vagina is only the canal between the vulva and the cervix. Some may say so what, but when you truly understand the workings of your genitalia you will unlock the pleasures of what they deliver in enjoyment and satisfaction.

To get down to business, Anna Lynn has put together a great article on the 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaginas. Keeping her information concise and insightful, Anna educates you, whether you are male or female about all the outer and inner workings of a woman’s genitals.

Once you have the knowledge of how the anatomy and its function, you are then able to pinpoint what you may be missing during the act of having sex. As in so many things in life, knowledge is power and understanding your body parts is no different.

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