10 Strange Ways People Have Orgasms

10 Strangest Ways People Have Orgasms

From tips to lotions to different sex positions there is an abundance of ways people experience orgasms while having sex. As varied are the methods, so is the experience; some have multiple orgasms, while others unfortunately are still searching for the best way to reach the Big ‘O’.

Over the years our clients have shared with us some great stories of how Alura Lux has helped them reach, enjoy and continue to enjoy orgasms again and again. They have also told us stories of ways they have experienced what they thought were orgasms in other ways. Ways they weren’t expecting and were completely non-sexual.

When we first started hearing these stories we thought some of them were myths, urban legends or just flat made up stories. Then we did some investigating of our own, tried a few things ourselves and what do you know . . . there is truth them.

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Our bodies are amazing machines and are capable of great change in a relatively short period of time. For instance, there are reports of individuals who have been in accidents and left paralyzed from the waist down. Their paralysis means they can no longer have sex. While the traditional method of having sex is no longer available to them, their bodies have actually allowed them to experience an orgasm by stimulating their thumbs.

The phenomenon, called transfer orgasm, is a result of neural plasticity and the brain’s attempts to “rewire” itself to compensate for physical changes.

From thumbs acting as surrogate penis’ to people have orgasms while brushing their teeth, there are many different ways people are experiencing orgasms in a non-sexual way. Take a moment to read the 10 Strange Ways People Have Orgasms.

Do you have a strange non-sexual way that you or someone you know has experienced an orgasm and want to share? Feel free to leave the story in the comment section below or if you’d like to share with us privately, you can send it directly; simply use our contact us section.

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