Introduction to Video Marketing

Introduction to Video Marketing Training
[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #267abf;”]W[/dropcap]e are surrounded by technology in everything that we do. Whether it’s our cars, our phones or even our appliances in our homes, technology has created a network that allows everything to be interconnected. As you build your business, why would you not want to leverage this technology to increase your revenues and your income?

It’s understandable that if you have just started your business that you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed. Launching a new business is not easy, but there are tools that you can leverage that will improve your efficiency and as well as your bottom line. In this case we are talking about video marketing.

It would be extremely difficult to find an individual in today’s day and age that has not heard of YouTube, or Vimeo or the latest social video site, Vine. While the latter is relatively new and only allows for brief video segments, YouTube is the giant that everyone knows and most likely uses on a regular basis. With that knowledge why would you not leverage the power of YouTube to build your business?

Telling yourself that you do not have the time or technical skills are simply excuses and are dramatically limiting the growth of your business. Maybe you feel that because you are only building a local business you don’t need to reach out and let the entire world know about your business? Fact is YouTube is fantastic for targeting local markets. Last but not least don’t forget that when you have videos online they are advertising your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You leverage the power of technology.

Now that you are convinced that you need to use videos to improve your business’ exposure the question comes, “What do I need to do?” Great question and that is answered in this training below. As we do at Engineered Lifestyles, we share knowledge with entrepreneurs on ways they can increase their business.

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The training below will walk you through an Introduction to Video Marketing. You will learn how simple it is to start filming videos, the importance of the videos to your business, and how to get them online and found by your potential customers.

Take some time now to sit back, grab a note book and pen to take notes, so you can learn the powers of video marketing and how they can boost your business.

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