Will Simply Having More Money be Enough?

Will Simply Having More Money be Enough
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Is money enough? Is money all that is required to make you happy?

While that may sound strange to ask the question “Is money enough?” we obviously all have our own opinions. Before we simply fall back to what we have been conditioned to think, let’s look at some facts.

First we all know that we need money to live. As the saying goes, money is what makes the world go around and without enough money you cannot afford the necessities of life never mind the extras that would fall into the “want” category.

Second the amount of money that one earns can have a social status attached to it. Not saying this is something that is agreeable or right, but in today’s society you are what you make. So the more money one earns on a yearly basis has an effect not only on how they may be perceived by strangers, but it also has a large impact on their own personal perception of themselves.

This personal perception can lead in many directions. Their personal perception can cover everything from depression to developing harmful habits to hide their dissatisfaction of their earning power. Families have been torn apart because of money issues and the behaviors that stem from focusing solely on the money.

Of course that is just the tip of the iceberg as to how money influences people. However what many people lose track of is just what they are really missing, and it’s not the extra zeros they wish they had on their pay checks. It’s balance. Balance in all aspects of their lives that includes money, but is not the sole driver or focus.

Let’s quickly look to the sports world for some examples to clarify this point. We all know how much money professional athletes make.  They make millions of dollars based off a great talent that they have. They enjoy fame, success and more money than they could possibly spend. Right? Wrong!

If you look at athletes like Will Clark, Alan Iverson, Mark Brunell and Dennis Rodman just to name a few, these athletes made millions upon millions of dollars, yet shortly after their playing days were finished they were bankrupt. So what happened?

Without going into intricate details, nor do we want to make bad examples of them, they simply did not have the emotional, and in some cases physical wellness to remain wealthy. Sound bizarre? Think about it. If you are not physically healthy, if you are not emotionally healthy, and it is not difficult to project what is going to happen to your financial health? It will inevitably become unhealthy as well. Why?

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When we bring the discussion back to the general population, so many people are strictly focused on improving their financial health, without looking at improving their physical and emotional health. They are simply looking for money making opportunities without looking for substance.

You cannot be wealthy long term without a proper balance of physical, emotional and financial health. They are all intertwined and build off each other. For example your physical health will improve your mental capacity, your creativity and the ability to attract new and exciting people into your life.

Working on your emotional health will enable you to achieve greater and more lofty goals as you will be able to overcome bigger more demanding challenges. Your constantly improving emotional health is also going to allow you to exist and function with your new found success and wealth. This is one of the largest mistakes people make.

They think that they will be able to resolve all their personal, emotional and physical problems after they have made their millions. It’s actually the opposite. The money will compound the problems and make them worse because money is energy and it magnifies who you are. If you have an addictive nature before making your millions, what do you think is going to happen when you have a large bankroll at your finger-tips? If you can’t answer that question look at all the celebrities that are in rehab and you will have your answer.

So when you ask yourself the question is money enough, you need to delve deeper into the answer then simply answering yes. Through personal as well as professional experience, the results are staggering. For the individuals who make a conscious effort to improve on all three aspects of their life, physical, emotional and financial health, they create abundance that is light years above those that solely focus on making more money.

Yes money is important but it cannot be who you are. You are so much more of a being than one defined by how much money you make. Create proper balance of physical, emotional and financial health and you will be amazed at the riches you will find every day that will make you huge income seem secondary.

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