7 Key Factors for Considering Best Compensation Plan

7 Key Factors When Choosing Compensation Plan
[adinserter block=”12″][dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #267abf;”]M[/dropcap]any factors go into determining what can be considered the best compensation plan. Starting with personal preference and moving towards your experience and confidence levels with recruiting, they all play some part in your comfort level. From your comfort level will grow your belief in what is the best compensation plan.

Some compensation plans are more suited for those who are well established at recruiting, have experience in the Network Marketing industry and are working their business full time. Others are more suited to the individual who is new to Network Marketing, and those who will be working their business part-time.

With many factors and lots of information to decipher, it can leave one very frustrated and confused. This is what we intend to help you with as in the end, your comfort level will play a major part in the company and compensation plan you choose to work.

A difficult task ever present in determining what the best compensation plan will be, is listening and looking through another individual’s opinion of a comp plan. You must be prepared to see through this because when you ask most Network Marketers what they consider to be the best compensation plan, the will almost certainly tell you the compensation plan they are currently in. If you then ask them about any additional compensation plans, you might just get a blank stare or if you are on the phone, dead air, as they only know the current compensation plan or only choose to talk about their business.

In this great industry of Network Marketing, all companies must operate with a compensation plan, that’s a given. They also must have a compensation plan that is lucrative for both the company and the distributor / associates as both have to succeed in order for the company, and the distributors / associates to survive.

What is the Best Compensation Plan?

There are tens of thousands of companies in the Network Marketing industry with thousands of new companies starting each and every year. Along with these companies comes their compensation plans and variations of them. To understand what the best compensation plan is would require extensive research (which we know you are doing right now) plus the ability to see the numbers first hand from both a company and distributor / associate’s point of view.

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It is that last point that makes it very difficult if not impossible to clearly state what the best compensation plan is. Most companies never open their books to third parties, which means in many cases the only way to see what is best is actually from first-hand experience. We are not suggesting you join multiple companies to get a feel for what is best, no we are simply saying that we cannot, nor can you, find someone that is completely unbiased. Unbiased enough to be able to tell you what at the end of it all, with all the factors considered, the numbers crunched, what is the best compensation plan.

In the absence of the ‘old-wise-one’ we personally feel the best way to is for you to decide what the best compensation plan is. We will simply help facilitate the decision making process. This isn’t our way of shifting the burden of decision making, it’s more about you. You are the one who, based on your decision will have to work the compensation plan, so why not know exactly what you’re getting into before getting started? Once you have this information you’ll then be able to maximize the comp pan to your advantage.

The Best Compensation Plan for You

While our discussion is about compensation plans, the underlying tone is of course you. You have to work it and you will benefit from it. You also have to take responsibility for your actions and of course your results. This will be your Network Marketing business and taking responsibility for the results empowers as well as motivates you.

Now that you are ready to get start sifting through the marketing hype, the advertising flash, and the industry jargon, we want to give you the tools necessary to make a clear cut decision. We have put together the 7 Key Factors in Choosing a Compensation Plan. Read them, study them and use them as you qualify, quantify and justify the compensation plans that you will be presented.

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Using the same 7 factors in all of your investigations will allow you a common thread and thus a much simpler way to decide what is right, and most importantly most lucrative for you.

Also feel free to read our Network Marketing Compensation Plan Basics. This breaks down the 4 main compensation plans you will encounter within the Network Marketing industry.

As always we appreciate all your comments and emails. Please feel free to share with us your stories of looking for the best compensation plan as well as share this information with your friends.