Is Network Marketing the Perfect Business for You?

Is Network Marketing the Perfect Business for You

As we approach the end of another year, it is very common to put together your goals for the new year just around the corner. At the top of most people’s lists is make more money and we get the question is network marketing the perfect business to solve this issue?

We all want to live a life of comfort and by our rules. Having a larger income allows us to do it. But if your current employer is not paying you what you want or has already indicated there will be no raises in the new year, how will you make more money?

It’s usually at this point where the thought comes to your mind about starting a business. You’ve read about the advantages of being an entrepreneur and like the idea of having a business generate an income, but you have no experience. You have never been in business for yourself before and this causes anxiety and fear.

The lack of experience and knowledge does not have to stop you from running your own business, there is an option. The option is to start a home business in the network marketing industry. Does the question become is network marketing right for you?

Does the Perfect Business Exist?

A network marketing business can provide you with the same benefits as a traditional business offers with the addition of advantages only available through network marketing. Before getting into the five main reasons so many people choose this industry, there are few items we must state, even if you are already aware of them.

First and foremost, a network marketing business is just that; it’s a business. It must be run as a business and not as a hobby. If you treat it as a business it will pay you like one. All too often people believe they can get started and run it when they feel like it. This mindset is a recipe for disaster and will you not succeed.

Second, there are good opportunities and bad ones, just as there are in the traditional business world too. Getting all the facts before making your decision is vital and look to the people who you will be working with. In network marketing more than any other business, who you surround yourself with will be more important than the business itself.

Think of it as this – like attracts like. The businesses which are successful long term are attracting the top leadership, the top talent and people like yourself. By looking at the track record and history of the leaders, you will be able to better see what lies ahead for you when you choose to join them.

Having said that, here are five great reasons why many people consider network marketing to be a perfect business for them.

You Can Start Your Business Today

Having experience or formal education is not required to start your network marketing venture. You can literally start at any point in time. We suggest you complete your due diligence and don’t make any impulsive decisions, but once you do make your decision you are open for business the same moment you enroll. In addition to the speed of getting started, you do not have to stop what you are currently doing to build your business.

Your business can start to grow to utilize 6-10 hours per week. With this scenario, you will be leveraging those around you who have more time and experience to help you build. This leverage and duplication is a major advantage to network marketing not available in a traditional style of business.

Low Start-up Costs

Starting your business will not require you to empty your life savings or secure investors. The low start-up costs allow for a quick return on your investment as in most cases individuals can earn their investment back in the first couple of months of being in business.

In addition to the low start-up costs, the products you will be selling do not require you to obtain licences, testing or market research surveys as this will already be completed for you. The distribution channels will also be established and you will have the freedom to simply focus on your goals. Sharing your business and your products consistently every day to grow your income.

Marketing and Training Provided

Once you get started in a network marketing opportunity you should be provided with both pieces of training on the business and products, as well as how to market the products. In the highest earning opportunities, training is a core part of the culture and is ongoing. Whether you are brand new to the industry or have been involved for years, leaders know those who earn the most amount of money work the hardest on themselves.

From a marketing standpoint, brochures, flyers and online advertising campaigns should all be provided to you so you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Use what has been successful in the past and run with it. While you may be in business for yourself, you should never feel that you are in business by yourself.

Lead Generation Strategy

Effective lead generation is an area many businesses find challenging. In order to continually generate revenue, the sales funnel for the business must be kept full of new leads at all times. A proper network marketing opportunity offers a plan for generating leads for your business, which may include a customized website or other ways of attracting people who are interested in what you have to offer and motivated to make a decision and take action right away.

No Limit on Earnings

You started this journey for a way to make additional income but what you have found is a completely different lifestyle. With network marketing, you can in three to five years build an income which not only will replace what you currently have, but will open new doors of opportunity you never thought possible.*

Through a successful network marketing opportunity, there should be no limits on the amount of income you can make. The only limiting factor will be you and what you want. If you are looking to add some supplementary income, it’s possible. If you want to replace your income with much more that is possible also. The sky is the limit in what you can accomplish.

Take those five items and applying them to your desire to earn more money next year and the years beyond. You have the power of choice for what you do next. If you haven’t started investigating network marketing, take the required action to do so. If you already have and are reviewing what you have seen, make it a point to set a deadline for your decision.

Either way the longer you wait, the longer you will have to wait for your results. If you need additional help in deciphering what you have seen or need to find a network marketing opportunity you can learn with, contact Engineered Lifestyles today.

* Engineered Lifestyles does not guarantee any level of success or income from the NHT Global Business opportunity or any other money-making opportunity. Every independent distributor’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. Please see our full Earnings Disclaimer here.