The Mindset of Sharing in Network Marketing

Empower Mindset of Sharing for Success in Network Marketing

Employing a mindset of sharing is one of the most powerful phenomena we see in network marketing right now. The impact of sharing, versus just selling or marketing is massive in the growth of any business. Sharing has been a part of the network marketing profession since inception and remains so today. Simply look at any social media site to see the “sharing” which is occurring, but that is another post for another day.

What is the real mindset behind the sharing? How does it work and how will it help you to grow your network marketing business?

The Mindset of Sharing in Network Marketing

One important reason the sharing economy is starting to dominate in all aspects of business is because of what it does to the giver and the receiver. The giver in the sharing economy resembles someone who is planting seeds in someone else’s life. This alone makes the giver feel good, so he or she will want to repeat that action again and again.

Giving also builds up confidence, as the lack of negative response answers empowers and emboldens the giver to do it more often with more people, which is good for growing your business. Sharing has many great benefits to the giver.

The receiver on the other hand also experiences a psychological impact. Whether the person is receiving an idea or a powerful destiny changer, this will draw them psychologically closer to the giver. The receiver will appreciate and feel good about the person who shared the idea, solution, or even helps. Consequently, the receiver will be more open to any future idea or business the giver will share. When people feel good about what you’ve done for them, they will, in turn, feel good about anything you have to say that will help them in some way.

Having a mindset of sharing is not something new to our generation, its biblical. It is nothing more than planting seeds, but these seeds can be a powerful destiny changers for the receiver. Galatians 6:7 says, “ . . . whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

This means if you share a seed (an idea, knowledge, action, recommendation, a product) with a person and your only intent is to bring value to that person’s life, you will reap value. If you share something with somebody only to see what you can get, then the result will be less than you want. Why? Psychologically, the receiver will sense that you are trying to “get something” from him or her.

Sharing is a form of giving. We all remember birthdays where we received presents – and we love those memories. What would happen if your prospects felt a similar emotion when you share something of true value for their life? Your business would start to see the powerful results only sharing can bring.

Many successful network marketers believe sharing in the network marketing profession stands for; SHARE – Seeding Hope, Action, and Restoration Every day. We seed hope for a better life by taking action (sharing) which helps restore people’s dreams. That is the core of building a truly successful network marketing business – and the secret to the sharing economy.

The more you share value, the more people will feel good about you. In general, people do business with those they feel good about, and they share that feeling forward with their friends. Surround yourself with people that you feel good about as you build your business.

If you are just starting out and looking for a business opportunity, ask questions and talk with the people who you will be working with. Don’t just take the presenter’s word, or the person introducing you to the opportunity. Talk with them, share with them and see how you feel after the end of the conversation.

Remember your team starts with you and those you personally surround yourself with. From this point, you can then leverage your team to share more each and every day, plus continue to create the sharing mindset throughout your team.

Enjoy your business by employing the mindset of sharing as you build your dream life!